By Alex Kienlen

Log Cabin Correspondent

From Conway Police
Department reports:


Thursday, Sept. 15, and mid-afternoon and police were called to a Skyline Drive gas station. A car there, officers were told, was burning.

There officers spoke with a woman. She told them the car was hers and she had just left a dealership, where her late-model sedan was serviced. Her next stop was the gas station and her car was now on fire. It caught fire while she was inside, she told the officer, the report stated.

A second person’s name was included in the report, the owner of a truck which was parked next to the woman’s sedan and suffered some damage from the flames.

All were provided with an incident number.

A trimmer

Police were called to a small engine repair shop Thursday, Sept. 15, at 9:36 a.m. for a civil standby. (Typically this type of call is asking for police to be present while someone is recovering their property.)

The reporting officer arrived on scene and met with a man. He told the officer of filing a theft report with Perry County Sheriff about his riding lawnmower being stolen from his home in Bigelow. The report included the mower’s serial number. A friend of his, he told the officer, told them he’d spotted the mower at the shop in front of which they were now standing. He showed the officer the ownership papers for the mower.

The officer checked with Perry County Sheriff and confirmed the report and the details of same, including serial number.

The officer then spoke with the business owner. He told them of the mower being dropped off “a few weeks ago” by a man he described, having only the man’s first name. The man never came back to pick up the mower, he told the officer, so he decided he was going to sell it. The business owner had no record of a transaction with the first-name-only man outside of a rough description of appearance and what the man drove and that he lived “outside the city,” the report stated.

The mower was returned to the man who called for the standby. A report was forwarded to Perry County for its records.

On point

Officers were called to a residential recovery center just before 3 a.m. Thursday, Sept. 15. A man there, officers were told, was suicidal.

Officers arrived and went to the man’s apartment. They were met by a center manager who told them of the man threatening suicide, and how the man “was known to use large amounts of narcotics,” the report stated.

Officers went inside the apartment with the manager and found the man in the bathroom, behind a closed and locked door. They knocked, and the man said he would “be out in a minute,” per the report. The officer, considering the nature of the report, had the manager unlock the door “so that visual contact could be maintained on [the man] to assure his safety,” the report stated.

When the door was opened the officers saw the man reach for something. The manager showed, then, officers a syringe which, he told them, he took from the man’s hand as he was trying to hide it. The officers had the man leave the bathroom where they read him his Miranda rights.

Questioning the man, he told officers he didn’t know what the syringe was used for and was in the process of throwing it away when officers came upon him. The officers checked, and no narcotics was found, including in the bathroom or in the syringe.

He had no intention of hurting himself, the man told officers, and was unsure where such an idea may have come from. He denied, several times, medical treatment.

The officer took the syringe and took it to be destroyed at the police department.

Destiny on the TV

Police were called to a department store about shoplifting. It was Wednesday, Sept. 14, about 9:30 p.m. A man, they were told, had shoplifted a 55 inch television from the store.

The reporting officer arrived and spoke with the store’s loss prevention associate. He told the officer of a man who picked up a TV in the back of the store, a 55 inch on display which was unprotected. The man then put it in a shopping cart and took it to the front of the store for a refund, despite his having no receipt.

He was denied the return. When this happened the man walked out the front of the store, wheeling the television with him. A cashier asked to see his receipt. “The male did not cooperate and left the store,” the report stated.

The loss prevention associate did not know what sort of car the man drove away within. The television value was $798 as stated in the report.