By Alex Kienlen

Log Cabin correspondent

from Conway Police
Department reports

Way gone and flailing

It was early evening when police were called to a local restaurant Monday, Sept. 19. A woman there was trying to drive away and she was drunk, police were told (she was “intoxicated” in report-speak).

An officer was nearby and pulled up behind the woman’s car (it being distinctive due to its lack of bumpers) and got out to speak with her. As the officer did so it was noted the woman in the bumperless car had “a strong odor of intoxicants” about her, and the more she spoke, the stronger that odor became, the officer reported.

The officer asked the woman for her driver’s license. She did not have it, the woman explained, because the restaurant had stolen it from her. She did show the officer a pill, telling him it was to “clear her mind,” necessary due to the things the restaurant did to her. The officer asked for the woman’s information and she now refused. The officer opened the car door to discuss the current state of affairs and asked the woman to step out. The woman again refused, and lay down across the front seat of the car. The officer told her she was obstructing a government operation and the woman replied that the officer should arrest her.

The public servant then did as requested, pulling her from the car and placing her, per the report, on the ground. For the placing of the handcuffs, however, a struggle ensued, the woman twisting her arm away from the officer. A second officer arrived and assisted, getting the woman in handcuffs.

But then the woman, now handcuffed, refused to walk to a nearby police car. She was carried to the reporting officer’s black-and-white and placed in it. The woman said she “needed medical treatment” due to a cut on her foot, there after being wrestled from the car. The officer took the woman to Conway Regional.

There the woman, 22, refused to get out of the car. She was taken out and put in a wheelchair, in response to which the woman stuck her legs straight out so she could not be maneuvered into the hospital, per the report. With one officer holding the woman’s legs up, officers were able to get her inside the hospital. There, hospital staff wanted her in a different chair. As officers undertook moving her the woman threw herself to the ground, per the report, so they picked her up and carried her to a hospital bed.

Then she started screaming and banging her head against the wall. Officers moved the bed. Then she started screaming and banging her head against the bed railings. Officers handcuffed her to the bed rails. Then she tried to kick a nurse. Officers cuffed her legs. To any question from the nursing staff, the woman screamed they were a “bitch.” Then she screamed she was in the morgue and they were trying to give her an abortion. She said she wanted to kill herself.

Officers were then told by hospital staff to take the woman to jail to detox and hold her there pending review by mental health professionals. The officer (who, let it be noted, was also female) radioed ahead to jail that she was arriving with a suicidal, combative person.

And there, at the jail, as they arrived, the handcuffed woman declared she had HIV and was going to expose everyone present to the virus. As she was being put in a restraint chair (which at this point seems only logical) she scratched the arm of a (female) sergeant assisting, as well as putting a minor scratch on the reporting officer, all of which was reported and photographed.

The impound report for her car was included in the report.