By Jennifer Freeman

Charles Freeman seems to be doing much better after his car accident but needs continued prayers as he recovers. He is now at the Conway Regional Rehab and they are keeping him busy with therapy. My information is coming from Blaine’s Facebook page but I know lots of folks are wondering how he is doing so I wanted to give an update. I am not sure if he is up to visitors yet due to his therapy schedule but I expect him to be running the show before long.

CUMC will celebrate the sixth annual Communion at the Lake, Sunday, October 2nd, at Woolly Hollow State Park. Services will begin at 10:00 a.m. and there will be a hot dog potluck with tons of food after the service. If you see Terry Worm, you might request that he fix his fried tater skillet that was such a big hit last year. The only down side to it was trying to concentrate on the message while smelling those taters cook.

CUMC will also have a homecoming celebration the following Sunday, October 9. The festivities will begin at 10:00 a.m. We will celebrate 100 years of Centerville United Methodist Church and will be a full day of fun. There will be music and games, a tour of the church, and a catered lunch about 11:30 a.m. The Faulkner County Singing Club will be the final event and will kick off around 1:30 p.m.

I will end this week’s Centerville News with a celebration. Kaylee Freeman turned 16 on Wednesday, September 21st. I can’t believe my baby is 16 and am so proud of how sweet and grown up she is. I pray she stays safe as she starts to experience a little more freedom and continues to be a sweet and responsible young lady. Happy Birthday, Kaylee.


By Brenda Dowdy

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I went to Ft. Sill Oklahoma with a friend they had a reunion for people that were stationed there.

It was something to do and we went to a buffalo burger cook out! It was great music and met some interesting people. There was people from all over the United States there.

I would like to wish my Sandy Jo Dowdy a Happy Birthday on the 23rd. She has been counting the days for her birthday every since Sept. 1. She is a treasure to our family and always will be. Love me some Sandy.

A shout out to Chris (Boso) Acre he has a birthday September 23rd too. Hope you have a great birthday and many more to come!

Bessie Bearden will be celebrating an up coming birthday too. Bessie is a dear neighbor of mine and we wish her many more birthdays to come to. Please keep my dear friends Kyle and Darla Jones and family in your prayers. Kyle’s mother is not doing good in the rest home. She is resting comfortable but not doing good.

As always there are people in our community that need prayers and visits. Bud Albright, Wilma Stevenson, Darrell Bearden, Ann Mode, Wayne Stevenson, Doyle Hudson, Jerry Bruce Rowlett, Betty Griffith. Everyone’s life is so busy including mine! We should stop and visit the elderly, the sick and the bereaved. Life is to short and we are all in rush. As I get older I think why are we always in the fast lane.

Fall Festivals, will be coming up soon So be prepared to buy tickets, support the bake sales and yard sales. Donkey Basketball is in a month tickets in advance are $8 available at high school office and at City Hall gate admission is $10. There will be a dessert auction at half time so bring your sweet tooth and money in our pocket to bid on some good deserts.

Poor Madison Joelle Dowdy was sick last week with a virus and I think she is trying to cut some top teeth too. But she was a sick little girl for a few days. Sandy Dowdy was sick last week too with a virus and inner ear infection. So be sure to wash your hands and use sanitizer to many viruses out there.

Have a great week and remember to not text or drink and drive. Life is to precious to be so senseless. Thanks to everyone for reading my Guy News. Please send news to me