On Aug 23, Natalie and David Lawrence walked into the Conway Women’s Health Center at Conway Regional Medical Center for a pregnancy induction.

At 2:30 p.m., they welcomed baby girl, Eden Rosaleigh, into the world.

"Natalie had an uneventful pregnancy up to that point," Josh Ward, Natalie’s OBGYN said. "She [was] the perfect patient. Her labor progressed nicely."

Ward said it was after her delivery that everything turned pretty quickly.

"Natalie had a very unique complication that caused her to hemorrhage," he said.

Initial, unsuccessful efforts to control her bleeding in the delivery room forced the team to rush her to the operating room. Additional work there, according to Ward, was ineffective and because of that, the decision to perform an emergency hysterectomy was made. That choice resulted in the team finally being able to get the bleeding under control, but due to the amount of blood Natalie had lost, her whole volume needed to be replaced. She was moved to the Critical Care Unit where she was intubated and stayed for 24 hours.

Hannah McMillan, Natalie’s nurse in the labor and delivery unit, said it was surreal to see such a perfect, textbook delivery. She said she took Eden for fifteen minutes, but when she returned everything with Natalie’s care was escalating.

The time in the operating room amounted to more than three hours. After, McMillan said she just wanted to see David and Natalie’s mother and let them know everyone in the operating room worked very hard and did what they could. She said she sat with them and just cried.

Three days post-operation, Ward said Natalie walked out of the hospital alongside her family.

"[It] was a huge team effort for that to occur," he said. "Everyone just performed when the need called for it."

He said they train and practice the protocol for events like Natalie’s, but hope to never have to execute them.

"It’s nice to know that if we do have to implement them, they work," he said. "The team could not have performed at a higher level and I’m so proud of them."

David said it was the "best, worst day" of his life.

"It’s a miracle she’s here and I want to give God all the credit for that," he said.

On Sept. 22, the Lawrence family gathered together at the hospital with the group of physicians, nurses, staff and others that worked to keep Natalie alive during her time at the hospital.

They said they wanted to find a way to thank everyone for what they had done and wanted to be able to meet them.

"It was a great opportunity," she said. "I came in that day not expecting the outcome that I had. You don’t go in expecting to have a baby and then [have] such awful things [happen]."

Natalie thanked everyone for their efforts and said she couldn’t have asked for better care for her, Eden, David and her mother during that time.

"I am here to take care of my babies because of you guys," she said. "I never expected to face something that could take me away from my family. I’m just so thankful for everyone of you that went beyond what you should have done for care."

She said through everything, she is thankful for her faith and the constant prayers from everyone.

"I credit prayer as being one of the number one reasons I am here," she said.

Ward said being involved in Natalie’s pregnancy from the beginning has given him the opportunity to get to know her family and be a part of the recovery process.

"We always want happy endings and in Natalie’s situation, ultimately that was achieved," he said.

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