By Alex Kienlen

Log Cabin Correspondent

From Conway Police

Department Reports


Saturday about 3 p.m., when police got a call about an import sedan on Dave Ward Drive. What made this reportable was that the car, the caller stated, had no tires on its right side, yet was being driven on the road.

Officers were dispatched Code III (blue lights and siren) to investigate the matter. An officer reported catching up with the car and pulling it over. It had pulled into a convenience store on Dave Ward Drive.

The reporting officer arrived on site. There was the car, he reported, all four wheels installed, but only two on its left side with tires on them. Further, the two tireless wheels on the car were quite damaged, apparently having been driven upon, plus "the vehicle smelled as if the brakes were burnt." The officer spoke with the 56-year-old driver, noting here the driver’s slurred speech and difficulty speaking.

"He could not really form his sentences correctly, and seemed to be confused when I told him about his tires," the officer reported.

The odor of intoxicants were present. The man told the officer he was on his way to see his ex-wife, and really had no idea how his tires came to be missing from his wheels. The man then told the officer "Do what you have to do," the report stated. The officer asked him what he meant by that, and the man said he’d had too much too drink and shouldn’t have been driving. He handed the officer a flash drive, apparently thinking he was handing over the keys to his vehicle.

The officer tried to give the man a field sobriety test, but the man would "continue to fall over every time," the report stated. In light of this the field test was suspended.

At the station the man was given a breath test, where he blew a 0.268 BAC.

He was jailed for Driving Under the Influence second offense, the car having been impounded.

Field work

An officer was on patrol Tuesday afternoon, nearly 4 p.m., when he was flagged down by a man standing by a residential street.

The man told him he was working on a nearby house. The owner of the house told him of a box, in a field near the house, which had illegal drugs in it, he told the officer, the report stated. He then directed the officer to the box before leaving to go back to his work.

The officer checked the box. It had inside several Mason jars with marijuana in them and prescription pill bottles. Three more jars, also with marijuana in them, were on the ground near the box. A second box nearby had some razor blades and two "smoking devices" in them, the officer reported.

All was taken into evidence to be destroyed, the report concluded.

Fashion police

Sept. 20 was a Tuesday, and police were called to an area motel. A woman, 77, met them there.

Her shirt, she told them, had been stolen, and she was fairly certain someone who worked at the motel had stolen it. The officer took the report, noting he was advised that such matters had happened with this woman in the past, but then her son would arrive and find the missing — and not stolen — item.

The woman was given a report number. The report included an item missing as a $10 T-shirt with "Colorado" on it.