By Alex Kienlen

Log Cabin Correspondent

From Conway Police

Department Reports

Wobbles on the walkway

Friday, Sept. 23, and an officer on patrol spotted a man riding his bicycle down the sidewalk. The officer stopped to speak with the man to tell him he needed to ride his bike on the road, going with traffic.

The officer met with the man and got his ID, finding out not only the man’s name, but that the 44-year-old had an outstanding warrant from Sherwood police. Out came the handcuffs, subsequent tasks pending as the officer waited for the warrant to be confirmed. Not pending, however, was the search; the officer did search the man, finding a glass pipe with some white residue upon it in one of the man’s pockets. The officer put the man under arrest. Moments later, the man collapsed, falling to the ground somewhat impeded by the officer, who held onto the man’s arm as he fell.

The officer called for an ambulance and noted here he was able to speak with the man throughout, being told by the man "he just got too hot," the report stated. The officer moved him to his patrol car so he could sit in the air conditioning. Now the ambulance arrived and checked the man over, finding he was in possession of normal vital signs.

The man was jailed, and jailers were informed of his passing out earlier.

The feels

Minutes away from 1 a.m. and a police officer was called to a traffic stop on Dave Ward Drive. A University of Central Arkansas police officer had called asking for assistance after stopping a driver for speeding on Farris Road.

The Conway officer greeted the driver in his still-running car, the 25-year-old being the only person within. And yes, matched with bloodshot and watery eyes was that "odor of intoxicants" from inside the car. Yes, the man admitted to the officer’s question, he had drank beer that night, three beers. The final beer was at 11 p.m. followed by several glasses of water, he told the officer, the report stated. The man said he "felt he was OK to drive," he told the officer, the report stated.

The officer had the man step out of the car, noting here his swaying and that the odor of intoxicants were coming from the man’s breath. Thus began the tests, those of looking, standing, etc. The man did poorly, leaving several clues as to his lack of coordination as he stumbled through the tests.

A breath test was given and the man blew a 0.09 BAC on a field test unit, a performance he later repeated at the police station for the more formal breath test. He was charged with DWI, first offense.