More than a 100 parents and students gathered at Carolyn Lewis Elementary School to pray together during a See You at the Pole Rally on Wednesday.

The now-global initiative was started in 1990 by 10 students who met around the flagpole at their school to "lift up their friends, families, teachers, school and nation to God," according to the See You at the Pole website.

Jenny Cabantac, a parent of two elementary students at Carolyn Lewis Elementary School, said she can remember taking part in the annual event as a kid.

"I’ve known it still goes on, but I didn’t know if schools in Conway still did it," she said.

Cabantac said she wanted to give parents and students the opportunity to join together and bring the experience to Carolyn Lewis.

After posting on social media sites, holding signs alongside her children in the pick-up line and spreading the word, Cabantac said the turnout was great.

"I think it was amazing," she said. "We had a way bigger turnout than we expected. To see so many people that wanted to gather and pray for their school was overwhelming."

For Cabantac, the most treasured moment was seeing her daughters pray for their friends, teachers and everyone else involved with the school.

"I loved seeing them have the confidence to pray in front of such a big group," she said. "I loved having them share their love for their friends and teachers and school."

She said the event was held by parents and students and was not a school-sponsored event. Despite that, she said, the school was really supportive of the rally and she hopes to be able to do it again.

"I would love to make this a yearly event," she said.

The Global Week of Student Prayer began on Sept. 25 goes until Saturday.

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