By Alex Kienlen

Log Cabin Correspondent

From Conway Police

Department Reports

Sunday morning coming down

Less than 50 minutes before midnight Sunday, Sept. 25, and police were called to an all-night diner on Skyline Drive. Two men had been there, dispatch relayed to police, and had been "vulgar," per the report. They were further told the two men left without paying. When they were confronted by an employee, one of the men lifted the front of his shirt to demonstrate a gun in his waistband. The two men had walked across the street to a second restaurant, the reporting officer was told.

The officer arrived at the second restaurant and was met by an employee of the diner, who said the man they called about was now back at the diner, in the parking lot, and he described what the man was wearing.

The officer crossed the street and was pointed to a man sitting on the ground in front of the diner. The officer asked, and the man said nothing had happened. And here, in a near-midnight tradition, the officer noted the "odor of intoxicants" about the parking lot sitter. The officer checked the man for weapons and, finding none, turned him over to two other officers while he went inside and spoke with the woman who’d called in the event.

He reported: The woman told him the two men came and sat down, obviously drunk, which concerned her, and made rude statements about "hooking up" to her while their food was being prepared. Then the one man, the one who recently had been sitting in the parking lot, disagreed about his food, what he had ordered and the amount served. He told her to take some off his bill because he did not eat everything he was served. After she, multiple times she said, explained it didn’t work that way, the man and his companion got up and prepared to leave. The man’s companion, at this point, picked up his plate and threw it at the cook.

The cook followed the men outside to see which direction they were going (the cook was not hit by the plate, it had shattered nearby) and the one man turned and lifted his shirt, exposing a gun in his waistband.

Officers searched the area, but were unable to find the second man.

The man from the parking lot was arrested for public intox (having admitted to having drank "a lot" to the officer) and theft regarding the $32.56 diner bill.

Angry youth

Police were called to an apartment at 9:15 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 25. The son of the woman calling was causing a problem, officers were told, his having been in a rage and breaking things.

The reporting officer arrived and noted pieces of electronics scattered on the floor in the living area, and among the debris a sheath for a 12-inch knife. Nearby was the dining table and the young man was sitting at its end, away from the officer. The officer told the young man to show his hands and the man, at first, would not. The officer told him if he didn’t he’d be put in handcuffs, and now the hands came from below the table, into plain site. The officer asked the young man his name and date of birth (typical in such investigations) and the young man "refused to cooperate," the report stated.

The officer told the young man if he did not tell him what he was asked, he would be arrested for obstructing an investigation. The young man looked up at the officer, then turned and stared at the wall. He was then reported stating to the officer that he was 18 years old and did not have to do what either his mother or a police officer told him.

So the officer put the 18-year-old in handcuffs. At the mother’s request the young man was taken out of the house. He was jailed on a variety of charges, including investigation obstruction and his yanking the phone from his mother’s hands.