By Brenda Dowdy

Good morning everyone! Fall is here this week but next week will be in the 80S. Don’t you just love Arkansas weather? Never know what it is going to be!

Joyce Henry Talley, Sue Bivens, Jean Ann Lee, and Cheryl Grothusen Browning recently spent three days in Branson visiting and reminiscing about fun times at Guy-Perkins School. Wouldn’t you liked to been a fly on the wall to listen to them about their old school days. But they said what happens in Branson stays in Branson!

This community lost another great person, Darby Grimes received his call — an offer you can’t refuse. He went to be with his Lord and his family in heaven. There was a beautiful obituary on Facebook and in the paper. He passed away at Guy in his home with his family surrounding him with lots of love He fought a long battle with brain cancer. I never saw him without that great big smile on his face. He is leaving behind a wonderful wife, Wendy, three children, T.J(Jessi) Fletcher llillian and John Grimes. He is the son of Ann Grimes and the late Larry Grimes, His brother Barry (Susan) Grimes and sister Amanda (George) Passmore and many, many relatives and friends. His visitation was Tuesday night at Mt. Olive Baptist Church and services on Wednesday and buried in Coppers Springs Cemetary. Please keep this family in your prayers as they are a very close family and he will be missed by them and the community.

Faulkner County Fair was a success and the parade was the biggest in Faulkner County has had in a while, which it usually is big on election year.

Please keep the following in your prayers, Bud Albright, Darrell Bearden, Betty Griffith, Wayne and Dorothy Stevenson, Jerry Bruce Rowlett, the Karber Family Wilma Stevenson, Doyle Hudson, Marcelle Fielder, Robbie Ward,Alice Faye Shipley and any one else that has been sick or lost a loved one.

Several have asked me who attended the Guy Perkins Reunion, and I do apologize that it has taken me this long to get the year and names.

Thank you Ruth Sparkman for providing the information. Ruth and I just kept missing each other.

1955: James Watkins, Ray Atkins

1956: Shirley Joyner,

1957: A.J. Robertson

1959: Harold (Butch) Rimmer, Margaret Hinkle

1960: Marie Battles, Rita Fielder

1961: Stanley Doggett, Betty Mode Kelley,

1962: Gayle Bivens Davis, Martha Carmack, Teddy Battles, Dwight Rimmer, Joe Ussery, Gary Glover, 1963: Sharon Rimmer, May Dean Bryant,

1964: Hasssell Bivens, Sue Bivens, Hershel WIlson, 1965: Joyce Talley, Ann Grimes, Ruth Michaels, Johnny Rimmer, Steve Mode, David Doggett,

1966: Linda Stevenson, 1968: Sam Lane, 1970: Brenda Dowdy, Chris Acre, Pam Lane Charloett Mode, Danny Thorn, Freddie Simmons, Donna Ealy,

1972: Lynn Acre, 1974: Thom(Tommy) Battles, Paul Hicks, 1975: Teresa Hicks, 1989: Marina Davidson, Michele Matsunaga, Allen Carmichael, 1990 Aimee Glover,

1983 Keith Rooney,, 2007: Leah Rooney.

There was a total of 68 people there. Maybe next year we can double this.

Have a great week, and thank you Ruth Sparkman for the list. Remember to not drink,or text when driving. Keep sending news.


By Jennifer Freeman

Charles Freeman seems to be doing much better after his car accident but needs continued prayers as he recovers. He is now at the Conway Regional Rehab and they are keeping him busy with therapy. My information is coming from Blaine’s Facebook page, but I know lots of folks are wondering how he is doing, so I wanted to give an update. I am not sure if he is up to visitors yet due to his therapy schedule but I expect him to be running the show before long.

Centerville United Methodist Church celebrated the sixth annual Communion at the Lake, Sunday, Oct. 2, at Woolly Hollow State Park.

CUMC will also have a homecoming celebration Sunday, Oct. 9. The festivities will begin at 10 a.m. We will celebrate 100 years of Centerville United Methodist Church and will be a full day of fun. There will be music and games, a tour of the church, and a catered lunch about 11:30 a.m. The Faulkner County Singing Club will be the final event and will kick off around 1:30 p.m.

I will end this week’s Centerville News with a celebration. Kaylee Freeman turned 16 on Wednesday, Sept. 21. I can’t believe my baby is 16 and am so proud of how sweet and grown up she is. I pray she stays safe as she starts to experience a little more freedom and continues to be a sweet and responsible young lady. Happy Birthday, Kaylee.