By Marilyn Shock


At the Greenbrier City Council meeting this month Chief Gene Earnhardt presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Brian Terwillinger.

Terwillinger gave the City’s police department a donation of $3,000 to purchase body cameras. Earnhardt said "it is not only for the protection of the public but also for the police officers themselves."

The body cameras became fully operational on Sept. 2.

The City Council also tabled an ordinance that would make Greenbrier a tree city. So this item was set up for discussion by the mayor.

Deep Roots Preschool was seeking an ordinance for a special use permit. The location of the preschool is #11 Church Street. A motion to suspend the rules and approve the ordinance was passed.

Another item on this month’s agenda was an ordinance to have an alternative method of time payment allocation by the Greenbrier District Court. The city is seeking to get an equal distribution of the court cost. The motion passed.

The next item of business was an ordinance to discuss the establishment of a Natural Resources Advisory Board. The board will meet to give advice on new parks and trees.

The board will also assist in getting the city grant money.

The council also had a discussion on what to do with two old police vehicles and one old city park truck. The council felt the best option is to call Daryl Watts and see how much the vehicles are worth in scrap.

The next of business was an update on the new Planning and Zoning book for the city. The book is complete and there will be discussions in upcoming meetings to update or advise changes until the final vote for the approval of the book in December.

The last item on the agenda was the Chamber of Commerce Report. The chamber is continuing its plan for Brierfest. The hometown holiday event is scheduled for Dec. 3.