PULASKI (KATV) — The Pulaski County Sheriff's office is looking for two juveniles who have recently been reported missing.

On September 27, Pulaski Sheriff's responded to a call about a runaway juvenile at a residence on Jennings Road. After arriving at the scene police spoke with Joby Plunkett, father of 14 year-old Carlei Plunkett, who said he had last seen his daughter when he dropped her off at school on September 26. She was last seen wearing a red striped shirt, blue jeans, and blue Vans tennis shoes.

Plunkett's father told police he attempted to call his daughter multiple times but Plunkett never answered the phone. On the last time he called, Plunkett's phone went straight to a recording that said the caller was unable to receive calls.

Deputies searched several locations that Plunkett has been known to visit on previous runaway occurances, including: an abandoned house near Southern Belle and a pond behind Mills High School.

Deputies were not able to locate Plunkett at either of these locations.

On September 27, just after 9:00 p.m. Detective Ramsey with the Pulaski County Sheriff's office visited another residence on Southern Belle Drive in reference to her son, Dallas Smart, also being a possible runaway juvenile. Ms. Smart had not contacted Pulaski County Sheriff's about her son, saying she was attempting to locate him on her own. Dallas Smart was last seen around 12:00 a.m. earlier that day. Ms. Smart said Dallas's backpack along with some of his clothing was also missing.

Ms. Smart also told police Joby Plunkett had visted her residence earlier that day on September 27, regarding his missing daughter Carlei Plunkett. Ms. Smart added that every time Dallas has run away from home, he has been with Carlei Plunkett.

Plunkett is described as 5'7", weighing 110 pounds with brown hair and a nose ring.

Smart is described as 5'4", weighing 160 pounds with brown hair and a tattoo on his right forearm and right hand.

Pulaski County Sheriff's believe Plunkett and Smart are traveling together.

Anyone with any information regarding their location is asked to contact the Pulaski County Sheriff's office.