Maggie Glover, a Conway resident, has provided mothers in the community a unique way to workout.

Glover, a mother herself, realized after she had her daughter Sophie, that workout options were rather slim.

She said she struggled to find a good option that would allow her to bond with her child instead of placing her in a gym’s childcare with employees she didn’t trust.

One day, Glover said she was at a track and noticed another mom running with their child in a stroller. She said it dawned on her that they could be doing that together.

After doing some research, Glover discovered Oh Baby! Fitness, a company that focuses on giving new and expectant moms a place to "find support, make friends, get fit and bond with their babies," while being involved in pregnancy and mom and baby exercise classes including yoga, Pilates and stroller workouts, according to its website.

Glover said she traveled to Dallas, Texas and attended her first lesson, which she loved, and decided to get licensed in pre and postnatal certifications to bring the classes back to Conway.

She said she printed off flyers and spoke with any and every mom she came into contact with.

"The response was great," Glover said.

In October, she held her first stroller class. She said the group started out with four or five moms and has now nearly tripled in size.

Despite the growth, Glover said she does have a 15-person limit because she wanted to keep the classes small.

"The point of all of this is that the moms can have connection with each other," she said.

Glover said she makes it a point before every class to do introductions, having everyone state their names, baby’s name, how they’re feeling that day and anything else they want to say. She said she always tries to get them talking and asking questions to get conversations going.

She said getting connected, getting out and getting involved are vital to a mother’s mental health.

"The priority to me is that the moms leave here feeling empowered and supported," she said.

Glover said her Oh Baby! Fitness classes are so much more than just fitness; they’re about moms having support from other moms during the difficult times. She said she wants them to leave feeling great physically, but also mentally and emotionally.

When Sophie was born, Glover said she really struggled because she lacked a support system of moms to encourage and help her through the rough times. Because of that, she said she feels like she has a lot to offer the moms in the classes.

"I feel like God has taken that rough time and has made it into something good," she said. "It’s just amazing. When moms get together there’s an instant bond."

Glover said she feels she has helped foster those connections because a lot of the moms have become friends and are meeting outside of scheduled time.

"That’s something I want to happen organically and spontaneously and it is," she said.

A counselor before her daughter was born, Glover said she wasn’t quite sure if she was going to get back into that line of work after Sophie was born. She said she didn’t know what God wanted next for her.

"I feel very purposeful now," she said. "Your world just turns upside down when you have a kid. I love coming to class everyday."

Glover said she teaches in Conway and Maumelle. To learn about the classes or to sign up, visit

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