From Conway Police Department reports

The faster

 It was Tuesday, Dec. 19 at 2:03 a.m. when an officer on patrol, parked at Westlake apartments saw a car go by on Hogan Lane. The car was going over the wet streets fast, too fast for conditions, the officer reported. He pulled out after it.

By the time he pulled out the car had already made some distance. The officer got his patrol car up to 70 mph chasing after the other car, a 2007 Ford Focus, and still wasn’t able to close on it. When the Focus stopped at a red light on Hogan and Prince the officer was able to pull up behind it. There the car turned onto Prince and was clocked at 44 mph in the 35 mph zone. Oh, and its license plate lights weren’t working.

So yeah, blue lights. It took a minute, the car moving several blocks along Prince before coming to a stop. When it did so the officer, of course, got out to speak with the driver. He walked up to the Focus and the driver, the only person in the car, rolled down the car’s window.

There was, alas, the “odor of intoxicants” from within the Focus. The officer got the usual paperwork from the 29-year-old woman. In doing so he noted her muscle control and cognitive skills were not the best, with some slumping and confusion as she gathered the papers. She told the officer she had been at a retirement party until recently.

The officer went back and called the woman’s info in, then came back up to her car. She was, by now, slumped over, held upright only by the will of the seat belt she was still wearing. The officer had her get out of the car, and the field sobriety test began.

As the woman stumbled at one point she told the officer “I feel like I already failed."

The rest did not go well. She stumbled, lost count, moved her head, more, all the usual failings as would indicate someone being less than sober there in those wee hours of the morning near rain-slicked streets. Handcuffs then, in an all-too familiar turn at this point, and the woman was taken downtown, her car impounded.

At the station the woman proved incapable of giving a breath test, but did agree to have her blood drawn. The officer drove her to the hospital for such an act.

She was then taken to jail.