December 26

10 Years Ago


Flo Barton and Deacon Kay Morgan were pictured stacking filled Christmas dinner containers to be delivered as part of the 12th annual St. Peter’s Episcopal Church program.

Conway’s Lauren Dear was named the 2007 Faulkner County Volleyball Player of the Year.

Julia Lee Moore Elementary ambassadors pictured were Monica McGhee, Luke Williams, Madison Lovell, Joseph Winningham, Hannah Ruckie, Nathan Grace, Jaclyn Walls, Nash Roach, Gigi Powell, Luke Walls, Mae Roach, Luke Makara, Shelby Johnson, Will Clipp, Emma Tarkha, Carter Weatherly, Essence Morgan, Justice King, Jordan Tidwell, Jared Badgley, Keelee Boudreaux, Jordan Amerson, Caitlyn Challenger and Noah Gillespie

25 Years Ago


Jonathan Anthony, 10, was pictured trying to run over his sister Erin, 8, while they played with a remote-controlled truck Jonathan got for Christmas. They were visiting their grandmother, Lena M. Anthony, for the holidays.

Missy Snowden was named head teller at Security Savings Bank. She had been employed by the bank for nearly four years and had worked in the customer service area.

Pete Hart, Sherry Atkinson and Mitch Hart, all of Century 21, Dunaway and Hart, graduated from Operation Orbit, a yearlong management program for real estate brokers.

50 Years Ago


A group of mostly 1962 CHS graduates had dinner at the home of Thomas and Eileen McGee Turner. They were: Marsha Black, Dan Robinson, Pat Cantrell, Bill Otto, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Farris III, Buddy Wyre, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel L. Miller, Harold and Melinda (Young)Eidson, Mr. and Mrs. Gray Burdick, Lt. John Allen and Cheryl (Nixon) Weldon, Ernest and Pam (Fraser) Miller, and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Wilson.

Miss Betty Fraser, who was employed as a research assistant at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York, was visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Fraser and her brother, Jimmy.

 75 Years Ago


Dr. Blake Smith, pastor of the First Baptist Church since March 1940, was called to the pastorate of the University Baptist Church of Austin, Texas. He was to announce his decision at Sunday services but deferred the decision another week.

Benjamin Owen, assistant professor of music at Hendrix College, was granted a leave to become an instructor of meteorology at the new basic training flying school of the army air force at Newport, Arkansas.

Farmers with electrical appliances were encouraged to conserve copper, a vital war material, by taking every precaution to extend the usefulness of their extension cords.

 100 Years Ago


Considerable damage was done to the Reo car owned by E.L. Hinton when a team of mules owned by G.E. Frazier of Vilonia became frightened and ran away, running into the rear of the car. Damage to the car was about $75.