From Conway Police Department reports

Sat’day night

An officer was on patrol, ordinary enough, on Salem near Meadowlake roads. It was Saturday, Dec. 30 at 9:13 p.m.. As he patrolled, he saw an SUV, a 2001 Ford Expedition, pull out of a daycare on Meadowlake. This struck the officer as odd, the daycare being closed. He followed the SUV and called in its tag number.

The tag returned to a Hyundai Sonata, this about the time the SUV turned off to Peabody Drive. The officer had to maneuver to get back behind it again, and when he did found it parked in front of a Peabody Drive address, it’s door part-way open. As the officer pulled up the driver closed the door. Blue lights, as it was time to check this situation out.

The officer stepped up and spoke to the SUV driver, the only person in the car. As the woman was getting her paperwork, she told the officer she was on her way to a shelter in Fayetteville, having visited her son in Benton. It was a trip, she explained to the officer’s question, she made often.

How, the officer asked, if it was a regular trip, did she wind up on a Conway side street?

She had gotten lost after pulled off for gas, the woman, 29, explained. The officer pointed out the directions to the Interstate were clearly marked, but the woman explained that her brain “does not work like everyone else's” and she could only concentrate on one thing at a time.

A second officer arrived.

The woman, as this explanation was being given, was not able to find her paperwork. He got the woman’s name and birth date and called it in. The callback returned that the woman had changed her name in September 2016, and had just given the officer her old name.

The officer, suspicion aroused, asked her to step from the car.

She did not feel like getting out, the woman replied, and why did the officer want her to get out?

Then dispatch called back. The woman was supposed to have an ignition interlock device in her car. There was not an interlock installed, the officer reported.

The officer opened the door and reached across the woman to undo her seat belt. He took her left arm to help her from the car, and the woman said that arm was broken. The officer, instead, reached to her right arm and had her get out of the car.

Outside he asked the woman, again, why she was on Peabody. The woman was never able to give a good answer, the officer reported. He asked if he could search the SUV and she said “No.” She then asked for her jacket, but changed her mind when the officer said he would get it from the car for her.

The officer called for a second officer, in this case and officer trained to recognize if someone had ingested drugs of some sort. That officer arrived and checked the woman, giving her, first a field sobriety test. He reported back that the woman may be under the influence. She was taken downtown to give a sample. Meanwhile the SUV was impounded. The pre-impound inventory found a half-drunk bottle of wine lying inside, and some empty alcohol bottles in the driver’s door pocket.

At the station the woman gave a breath test, blowing a 0.05 BAC - below the legal limit. The DRE officer, meanwhile, reported the woman was not, in fact, under the influence of drugs.