The Faulkner County Circuit Clerk’s office implemented electronic recording of real estate records including deeds, mortgages, liens, etc.

“E-recording is much more efficient,” Circuit Clerk Crystal Taylor said. “We are very excited to offer this technology to residents of Faulkner County.”

Before e-recording, customers would have to leave their paper documents at the clerk’s office and come back to get them the next day. Now documents can be submitted electronically.

The process is faster even for people who still bring documents to the office, Taylor said.

“With e-recording, documents are recorded within minutes,” she said. “The original document is handed immediately back to the customer after it is scanned into the system.”

The system has reduced costs, increased security for sending and receiving documents, lessened errors and shortened the time gap for records being entered.

Bart Shaw of Waco Title, who uses the e-recording often, said it has greatly improved the process.

“E-recording has modernized the way our office handles document filling and has moved Faulkner County into the digital age with other progressive counties," Shaw said. "Not only has e-recording made the process more efficient, but all users are able to record with ease at any time of day from any location. We appreciate the hard work of the Circuit Clerk and staff for quickly implementing this tool for Faulkner County and look forward to more initiatives that will continue to advance Faulkner County.”

The clerk’s office will offer two additional programs at no charge to residents through its BIS e-recording system — a veteran’s honor program and a fraud alert program.

“Our office will create a laminated card for veterans to present to local participating vendors, which will allow them a discount for good and services,” Taylor said. “This will also give local businesses an opportunity to show their support to those who have served.”

The fraud alert program allows residents to register with their names and emails online to receive an email notification any time an instrument such as a mortgage or lien is recorded in their name, Taylor said.

“It’s a good safety feature,” she said.

Additionally, the clerk’s office staff has been adding older records to the online database, and records from the 1980s are available for public view online.

“We did a lot last year,” Taylor said. “It was all teamwork.”

The circuit clerk’s office was able to reduce its 2018 budget by more than $200,000.

“We decreased the budget dramatically,” Taylor said. “It was big accomplishment.”

Taylor, who was sworn in as clerk last January, said she was thankful for her staff, which “worked very hard to provide new technology and more efficiency to the office.”

“I really love the job,” she said. “It’s been great.”

For more information about the veteran’s honor program, to sign up for the fraud alert or to view the e-recording system, visit