Conway Downtown Partnership Executive Director Kim Williams gave the Conway Kiwanis Club a review of progress in 2017 and a sneak peek of 2018 downtown projects.

“There’s things happening,” Williams said.

The Rory Thompson Development should open in 2018. The building has two bays about 2,000-square-feet each.

Also this year, Salter Construction plans to renovate the old Conway Block Plant, using what they can from the current structures.

“What this would be is basically a really creative re-engineering of the actual structures that are here,” Williams said. “It’s a really neat space for any company looking for a new home base. Its got parking and it’s centrally located.”

Williams also gave the club an overview of accomplishments from 2017.

CDP has highest concentration of retail/restaurants with more than 70 she said. CDP maintains164 streetscaped beds and purchased 426 hanging baskets for downtown.

In downtown Conway in 2017 there were 25 buildings either renovated or build; 89 jobs created; and at least 10 new businesses created. Last year, the public and private investments in downtown equaled $12.5 million.

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