The father of a juvenile charged in an aggravated robbery case now faces a felony charge after allegedly threatening the victim for pursuing charges against his son.

According to a probable cause affidavit, David Casey, the juvenile suspect's father, messaged the victim over Facebook and told her she would "have to move out of town and move out of [the] state because I'll [explicit] kill you."

Casey, 41, of Mayflower was charged with intimidating a witness, a Class C felony, which carries a three to 10-year sentence range along with a fine up to $10,000.

The victim told police Casey first offered to have his son and the other suspects involved clean for her in exchange for her to drop the charges. After she explained to Casey that the decision was out of her hands but that she did intend to pursue a civil case for personal damages, he began threatening her, she said.

"I am [one of the suspect's] dad will you please take these charges off of him I will make him clean your house clean your car he will he [and] the other two Will be your slave for the next six months please please please and thank you," Casey wrote in a Facebook message to the victim on Jan. 19.

Facebook Messenger records show the victim told Casey she did not files charges in this case but that Faulkner County Sheriff's Office investigators had. She said she did, however, plan to file a civil suit against the three teens that attacked her.

"I didn't put any charges on them," she wrote in her reply. "The investigator did. It's out of my hands. And yea. They didn't kill anyone. But they could have. I could have wrecked and killed everyone in my car. I'm making sure every one of them gets the worst punishment they can get. And then I'm personally sueing for pain and suffering, and the cost of my car."

The woman allegedly threatened by Casey was sitting in a church parking lot on Easterwood Point Road in Mayflower on Jan. 12 with two passengers in her vehicle when they were attacked. The victims said they noticed three teens running into the road and stopped to see if the teens needed any help before they were reportedly attacked.

"They said [three] males were seen running into the road wand when they slowed down to check if anybody needed help the three male suspects began to yell at them," according to a report. "The victims were unsure what was going on so they continued driving. The three male suspects [who were riding with another woman and her 9-month-old child] then began to give chase in a vehicle after the victims."

Court documents state that the suspect vehicle "pulled around the victim's car and blocked them from passing" as two teens jumped from the vehicle and held the victims at gunpoint.

"According to the victims, at least two male suspects got out of the car," the report reads. "One with a wooden stick or club and the other with a gun. The suspect with a gun went to the passenger front window and demanded everyone in the car to 'empty your pockets' while pointing a gun at them. The victims then began [to] back out to flee the situation and the suspect with the club began to strike [the] windshield of the victim's car, causing it to be destroyed."

Casey had a scheduled visitation with his son at the Juvenile Detention Center over the weekend. After learning of the scheduled visit, investigators filed a search warrant, requesting to have the conversation between Casey and his son recorded.

A circuit judge OK'd the request, and the visitation was recorded.

During Casey's conversation with his son, the juvenile suspect tells Casey not to worry because the investigators "really don't have anything on him."

In the recorded conversation, investigators also heard Casey tell his son that he "tried begging [the victim] to drop the charges against his son and in exchange, the three suspects will come do yard work and house work for her." He said she turned down the offer, noting he then "talked to her all kinda crazy and I'm probably gonna end up in jail."

Casey was arrested three days later on suspicion of intimidating a witness. He has since been released from the county jail on a $20,000 bond and is set to appear at 9 a.m. Feb. 12 in Faulkner County Circuit Court for a plea and arraignment hearing.