From Conway Police Department reports

Dump truck hold up

A man driving a dump truck told police on Friday that another dump truck driver threatened him at gunpoint after nearly running him off the road.

Police were notified of the alleged aggravated assault shortly before 2 p.m. Friday.

In his report, the victim told police he was driving eastbound on Highway 64 West as he was headed into Conway earlier that day. Once he neared the intersection of Highway 319, another dump truck driver pulled out in front of him and forced him to swerve into the the next lane to avoid collision.

"As he was approaching the intersection with Highway 319, a dark green Freightliner Dump Truck ran the stop sign and pulled out in front of his truck," the incident report reads. "He stated that to avoid hitting the Freightliner he had to slam on his brakes but that was not enough ... [and] he had to swerve into the other lane and go around the Freightliner to avoid the accident."

The two trucks met again at the traffic light at the intersection of Highway 64 West and Salem Road.

The victim told police the situation quickly became heated as the driver of the Freightliner dump truck pulled up to him at the traffic light.

The driver of the Freightliner, an older white male wearing glasses, pulled a gun from his dashboard, pointed it at the victim and threatened him over the Citizens Brand (CB) radio.

"He stated that the driver got on the CB and told [him] that he was going to shoot him with the gun," according to the officer's report. "[The victim] advised that the light turned green and the Freightliner turned and left the area."

The victim said he believed the man who threatened him was about 60 years old and that he was possibly hauling loads of sand to Rogers Group, noting the side of the Freightliner had "Ward" printed on the side of it.

Intoxicated cyclist

A man clumsily riding his bicycle in circles Friday night in the Walmart parking lot triggered passers-by to alert police.

Officers were dispatched shortly after 6:30 p.m. Friday to the Walmart on Skyline Drive in reference to a suspicious man talking to himself while dancing around in the parking lot.

The suspect, later identified as 39-year-old Concepseionne Joiner, was found circling the parking lot on his bicycle when officers arrived on scene.

Officers noted immediately being able to smell alcohol as they walked up to Joiner.

As Joiner spoke with the officers, they also noted his speech was slurred.

Joiner was asked to get off the bicycle while speaking to the officers. As Joiner dismounted the bike, he nearly fell, according to the incident report.

After learning he was under arrest for public intoxication, Joiner offered to give up his bike as a trade-off instead of going to jail.

"He asked if I could just let him go and I advised that it was unsafe for him to be riding the bicycle or walking around in his state of intoxication," one officer wrote in his report. "[Joiner] told me I could have his bike and he would just walk home."

Officers did not accept Joiner's barter and searched him before he was cuffed.

While searching Joiner's pockets, officers found a small bottle of whiskey in his right front pocket, noting the bottle "was almost empty."

Joiner was arrested on suspicion of public intoxication. His bicycle was placed in evidence for safekeeping.