January 28

10 Years Ago

(2008) It was estimated that $50,000 would be needed for asbestos removal at the 73-year old Faulkner County Courthouse. The Quorum Court had increased the county general millage tax from 3.6 to 4.5 to finance repairs to county courthouse’s roof and plumbing and electrical systems.

Crime Prevention Unit officer John Zanin was promoted to sergeant of the unit at Conway Police Department. Patrolman Glenn Cooper was also promoted to sergeant. Both had served as a member of the Community Oriented Policing Leadership Council.

Justice of the Peace Jerry L. Roberts, 55, announced his run for re-election for Faulkner County District 10.

 25 Years Ago

(1993) Angie Webber and Debby Pratt, both seniors, were pictured in rocking chairs. They were among the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) members from Conway High School who participated in a rock-a-thon to raise money for Arkansas Children’s Hospital.

The Conway Regional Hospital Auxiliary donated “The Adventures of R.F. Ant” to the six elementary schools in the Conway school district. The film, written by Wanda Williams and Barbara Satterfield, was part of a drug-awareness program.

Carl Stuart Middle School implemented several changes as a result of a Middle Grades Assessment Program self-study that was conducted during the 1991-92 school year.

50 Years Ago

(1968) Contestants for the Miss Conway Pageant were pictured with the reigning Miss Conway, Nancy Selig: Sherry Dean, Debby Bath, Kay Fronabarger, Toran Pate, and Paulette Grimes. The group photo was taken when they were entertained at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dick Turner in Brookfield Acres. The Conway Jaycees sponsor the pageant.

Shell Oil Company revived oil and gas exploration in Faulkner and nearby counties. Most of the exploration was conducted east and north of Conway. Fifteen families had moved to Conway from Elk City, Oklahoma and the firm’s offices were at 603 Harkrider.

75 Years Ago

(1943) John L Nichols, 23, of near Wooster was decorated with the distinguished service cross while in the hospital.

Penney’s had “A Word About Buying on the Spur of the Moment” in its ad: “Clothes money has to do a big job these days. We need to be well-dressed—for a feeling of confidence and well-being. Yet the clothes we buy should cost as little as possible. War bonds are much more important.”

The Chicago and Southern Airline’s new route would go through Little Rock as part of the Chicago-Houston line. Little Rock was currently being served by two American Airlines flights daily.

 100 Years Ago

(1918) What would probably have resulted in a terrible wreck was narrowly averted by the presence of mind of Engineer Green on southbound freight No 167 and Engineer Eldrington on the northbound passenger train No. 106 when the two engineers cut off the steam and applied their emergency brakes just in the nick of time.

Sheriff W.W. Bishop had a hog-killing time. He butchered two 14-month-old hogs he had raised that weighed 908 pounds. He kept a record of the cost of the feed and it amounted to $67. The hogs, which were easily salable at 20 cents a pound, were worth over $180.