A 10-year-old Guy-Perkins School District student faces charges after allegedly writing a threatening note Monday.

Police Chief Christopher Humphrey said officers were notified of the incident after school let out Monday and immediately launched an investigation.

"After school [let out] we were contacted by the school principal in regards of a note written by a 10-year-old student that a teacher had confiscated earlier in the day," Humphrey said.

While the contents of the note were alarming, Humphrey said he does not believe anyone at the school is in danger.

"We do not feel there is an ongoing threat at this time," he said.

The note allegedly written by the fourth grader triggered an investigation. Humphrey said the investigation was ongoing as of press time Tuesday.

"Due to the context of the note, a criminal investigation was started [Monday afternoon]," Humphrey said.

Officers stopped by residences on New Home Road and Ashberry Lane as they gathered information pertaining to the case.

Humphrey said officers were unable to speak directly with the juvenile suspect but contacted the 10-year-old's parents and charged him with misdemeanor terroristic threatening.

"After speaking with the juvenile prosecutor and intake, the student's parents were contacted at their home and the juvenile citation issued for the student was given to the parents," Humphrey said.

Superintendent Shade Gilbert said Tuesday the he could not comment on the matter at this time due to Family Education Rights and Privacy Act restrictions.

Humphrey said the case has been handed over to the prosecutor's office for review to determine whether charges against the fourth grader will be upgraded.