From Conway Police Department reports

Drinkin' in the girl's room

Conway police arrested a 55-year-old man who was found passed out in the bathroom at an auto parts store Friday night.

An officer responded to check on the welfare of a man shortly after 8 p.m. Friday after receiving reports there was a man passed out on the bathroom floor the AutoZone on Oak Street.

Once on scene, the officer was asked to check on a man located in the women's restroom.

"When I reached the bathroom, I was greeted by a male that was passed out on the floor, " one officer wrote in his report. "From prior dealings, I knew this man was Lionel Buckhannan. The smell in the single occupant bathroom was filled with the overwhelming odor of intoxicants."

After waking Buckhannan, the officer tried to speak with Buckhannan but "his speech was extremely slurred."

According to the incident report, Buckhannan began to urinate as the officer helped him off the floor.

"It should be noted that when I went to help him off the ground, the gentleman evacuated his bladder and urinated all over the bathroom floor," the report reads. "Once he was standing, I was then able to see that his eyes were bloodshot red."

The officer took Buckhannan to a nearby hospital before taking him to jail because of his intoxicated state.

"Due to his state of intoxication, I felt it necessary that he be seen by a doctor," the officer wrote in his report. "With this said, I transported him to Baptist Health Hospital. After being treated and cleared medically, I transported him to [Faulkner County Sheriff's Office] Unit 2."

Buckhannan was cited for public intoxication following the incident.

Fast food employee attacked

A McDonald's employee was attacked by two women during her evening shift Saturday.

The victim told police she was counting money in the back when a coworker told her a woman was at the front asking to speak with her shortly after 5 p.m. Saturday.

The woman was upset about some picture's the victim's 14-year-old daughter allegedly had on her phone. It was unclear from the report what type of photos the woman was referring to.

According to an incident report, the encounter escalated and the woman hit the McDonald's employee in the face.

"[The victim] stated the female began yelling and cursing at her in front of the store and began pointing in her face," the responding officer wrote in her report. "She stated the female then hit her on the left side of the face and began pulling her hair."

When the victim tried to defend herself, she said the situation got worse, noting another woman joined in the attack against her.

"[The victim] stated that she knew she was struck in the face at least one time and her hair was pulled, but she was unsure of exactly what all had happened," the report reads. "She stated all the females were separated by citizens and other employees that were present when the incident occurred."

The officer noted the victim's hair looked as if it had been pulled but did not see any other physical injuries while speaking with the victim.

The victim said she did not know either of the women who attacked her but said she would work with her manager to obtain security footage of the incident to help identify the two suspects.

The Conway Police Department is investigating this incident as a third-degree battery case.