Three Faulkner County residents accused of attempted aggravated robbery pleaded not guilty Monday in Faulkner County Circuit Court.

Ian Lucas, 19, and Dakota Pankey, 18, both of Conway along with Nicholas Pope, 20, of Greenbrier are each being held in the county jail in lieu of a $50,000 bond. The three appeared separately in shackles before Circuit Judge Charles "Ed" Clawson Jr. on Monday and pleaded not guilty to attempted aggravated robbery charges.

"[They understand] the charges," Attorney Karen Walker-Knight said on each suspect's behalf Monday. "At this time, we'll waive the formal reading and plead not guilty."

Lucas, Pankey and Pope were each charged with attempted aggravated robbery following a Dec. 30 incident.

According to an incident report, Conway police received a call at 11:47 p.m. Dec. 30 from a man saying his uncle "had been held at gunpoint approximately three minutes before the call."

The victim told police that two females were calling out to him from a dark-colored Chevrolet Malibu in the parking lot at the Super 8 Hotel in Conway. He said it wasn't until he got close to the vehicle that three males jumped out and began threatening him.

As the victim was telling the three men who were threatening him that they were being recorded by security cameras, one of the suspects “pulled a silver handgun that was either a 9mm or a .45 and told him to move closer to the vehicle.”

The victim also mentioned a girl he had been messaging when recalling the events leading up to his attack earlier that night. He said the girl told him she was recently kicked out of her home and had no money. An arrangement was made, he said, for the girl to give him whatever valuable items she had in return for money and a room to stay in for the night, adding that prostitution was not part of the deal.

The girl sent the victim messages from two separate numbers, and when officers called the first number, Lucas answered.

Lucas was questioned about his whereabouts over the past few minutes. He said he had been at his home in the 1200 block of Hamilton Street.

Officers went to the home and were met by Lucas, Pankey and Pope along with two females.

One of the girls said she was unsure as to why the victim had photos of her, which the officer noted were Snapchat screenshots. The officer also asked how the victim received photos of the girl from Lucas’s phone.

“Neither one of them could give an explanation,” one officer wrote in his report. “While I was speaking with those two, Pankey was sitting on the couch beside [the other female]. He did not have a shirt on, and I observed his chest to be rapidly moving up and down as if he were breathing hard.”

Lucas, Pankey and Pope are each set to appear at 9 a.m. June 7 in Faulkner County Circuit Court for a pretrial hearing regarding the aforementioned incident.