MAYFLOWER — The Mayflower Fire Department responded to a grass fire shortly after 3 p.m. Tuesday near a construction site in the Riverview Plantation subdivision.

"We're not entirely sure how it started," firefighters on scene told the Log Cabin Democrat, adding that the crew building two new homes on Plantation Drive likely started a fire to keep warm and it got out of control. "They are allowed to have a fire if the temperature is 60 degrees or less."

Neither of the two homes under construction were damaged. The firefighters arrived in time to keep the blaze from reaching those or any of the homes in the completed subdivision on the next road, which is separated from the construction site by trees and grass.

Firefighters had the blaze under control as of 4 p.m. but planned to stay on scene until the flames were extinguished.

"As dry and windy as it is, if it changes direction" it could get out of control again, a firefighter said.

No injuries or structure damage were reported.