Centerville News
Jennifer Freeman

We finally got some warmer temperatures and that is a blessing. However, there has been an abundance of sickness going around lately. Schools have been witnessing a much larger amount of absenteeism due to the flu, strep, sinus infections, and a stomach virus. I hope everyone that is sick, or thinks there is a chance they might become sick, stays home and hopefully does not spread germs.

Our monthly class where we discuss specific stories of the Bible, was held last Sunday after church and there were quite a few in attendance. This was my first time to be able to stay for the class and it was interesting, just as I expected it to be. I can not wait until the next one!

Our fellowship brunch will be held this Sunday immediately following our service. As our little church has grown, the room is a little more crowded and you might not even make it to speak to everyone, but there is always good food and plenty of it. There are also lots of great people and good stories.

Continue to remember the family of Doyle and Hal Jolly in your prayers. As always, if you have news for the Centerville Community, please email or send it to our church mailing address at P. O. Box 1216, Greenbrier.

Guy News
Brenda Holt

Our dear friends, Clark and Linda Stevenson need our constant prayers. Clark is still in rehab and is not doing well. Pray that the doctors can heal and ease his pain and also pray for Linda, that she can be strong for her husband and ease her heart! We are all praying for both of them and love them both.

Too many in our community are sick with the flu. Guy Perkins school closed last Friday, hoping it would help stop the outbreak from spreading. I don’t know about other churches, but at the Guy Church of Christ attendance was very low because of the sickness going around. We postponed a family and friends day because of sickness.

There will be a Rally at Mt Olive Baptist Church this Friday night at 6:30 pm. Come out and see what these organizations have done for our communities. You will hear some great testimonies and some great music. These are great organizations helping people with addictions and with the Lord. Come out and support them. Our world and communities are losing too many people because of the devil and drugs.

The Special Olympics Polar Plunge And Dessert Auction at Woolly Hollow State Park will be February 10. Registration is at 11, with a dessert auction at noon, awards and parade at 12:30 p.m., and the plunge starting at 1 p.m. Get your costumes ready and your school, churches, law enforcement and fire departments involved. We need those home made desserts too. See you there!

Be safe out there! Don't drink or text and drive. The life you save could be you or someone you love! Also, every time you leave your house or someone you love, be sure to kiss them goodbye. You never know if it could be your last time to do that! We are not promised tomorrow.

As always, keep Bessie and Darrell Bearden, Ed Stevens, Marina Davidson’s husband, Jeanie Glover in your prayers. Unspoken prayers for my family and any one else that is sick. Let me hear from you regarding any of your loved ones that are sick. Prayers work and we can put on our list call 501-450-0395 or Facebook me. Thank you to those that read my news!