From Conway Police Department reports

Needle in the jacket

A man walking around a laundry mat with rifles sticking out of his backpack early Sunday morning now faces a drug paraphernalia charge for allegedly having a hypodermic needle on him when searched by police.

Officers saw 29-year-old Jessie Hickman walking at 12:21 a.m. Sunday in the Conway Coin Laundry parking lot.

According to an incident report, there were two rifles sticking out of Hickman's backpack as he was walking about, triggering the police departments interest to stop and speak with Hickman.

Officers asked if they could search Hickman and look inside of his backpack, which is when they found the hypodermic needle.

"I was searching Hickman and in his left front pocket I found a hypodermic needle," one officer wrote in his report. "The needle contained a substance and what appeared to be blood."

According to the report, Hickman immediately denied ownership of the needle.

"He immediately started saying that he found it and was just gonna throw it away," the officer wrote. "I asked him to lift his shirt sleeves and he did. I noticed track marks on his left arm and with my training and experience, I know that people use these needles for illegal narcotic uses."

Hickman was arrested on suspicion of possession of drug paraphernalia and is currently being held in the county jail in lieu of a $2,500 bond.

Electric bandits

A woman living in the Oakwood Village trailer park told police she believes her neighbors have been stealing her electricity.

The woman filed a report with the Conway Police Department shortly after 10 a.m. Sunday and said she believed her neighbors were responsible for the recent hike in her electric bill.

According to her statement, the woman taped over the exterior power outlet at her home after becoming suspicious someone was stealing her electricity.

The woman accused her neighbors of plugging an extension cord into her exterior power outlet, noting her electric bill had jumped from $100 to $300.

According to the incident report, the woman said she checked the tape over the outlet at 1 a.m. Sunday and everything was fine. However, at 9:30 a.m., she noticed the tape had been cut open.

The woman said she did not physically see an extension cord plugged into her outlet. However, the responding officer noted seeing an extension cord coming out of the neighbor's window.

When confronting the woman's neighbor about the situation, the neighbor denied using her extension cord to steal power from the victim's home.

Centennial counterfeit

A Walmart manager contacted the Conway Police Department on Monday after a man brought a counterfeit $100 bill to the store.

According to an incident report, the man brought the bill to the store at 5:45 a.m. to see if store employees would verify whether it was counterfeit.

After testing the bill, the employee confirmed the $100 bill was a counterfeit, confiscated it and called police.

"[The victim] came into the store and asked an associate if his one hundred dollar bill was counterfeit," the report reads. "[The store manager] stated that the associate tested the one hundred dollar bill, confirmed that it was counterfeit and seized it. [The manager] advised that [the victim] had left his contact information so that he could figure out how to get his money back."

Conway officers reached out to the victim, a Russellville resident, and learned the man got the bill from an Atkins bank.

The victim said he withdrew money from Centennial Bank in Atkins on Jan. 11 when he received the bill.

"[The victim] stated that he had withdrawn [$2,005] on that date ... [and] that this was the only time that he had received one hundred dollar bills and that he was positive that the counterfeit bill had come from Centennial Bank," the report reads.

The $100 bill was taken to the evidence room at CPD.