From Conway Police Department reports

Husband drags wife from vehicle

A woman told police Thursday that her husband drug her down the street when she tried to get her child out of the car.

The woman said she and her husband were headed to the Social Security Office to pick up their child's Social Security card when her husband became verbally abusive toward her, noting that at one point, he "grabbed her arm hard enough to leave bruises on it," according to an incident report.

The couple stopped at the CVS Pharmacy on Oak Street when the woman said she tried to leave with their child.

She told officers her husband began cursing and yelling at her again and that she did not want to be in the vehicle with him any longer. However, according to the report, when she tried to get their child out of the car, her husband began driving off down the street.

According to the incident report, she had removed the child's car seat from it's base when the suspect drove off.

"[The victim] said that she was hanging out of the vehicle and the child was still in the car seat, but it was not attached to the vehicle," the report reads.

As she was hanging onto the vehicle, the woman said she was worried she and the child would fall from the moving vehicle.

"[The victim] said she thought they were going to fall out of the vehicle," the incident report reads. "[Her husband] drove down Polk St. and struck a barrier that was in the road. [The victim] said when he struck the barrier, it caused the door to strike her. [She] said that there were people outside when [her husband] struck the barrier and she ran for help."

The Conway Police Department is investigating this incident as an assault on a family or household member incident.

Unruly customers

Conway police responded to the Dollar General on Hogan Lane shortly before 4 p.m. after learning of an alleged criminal mischief at the store.

A employee at the store said "a group of juveniles" ran into the store and started knocking over displays.

At one point, she said one of the teens attacked a girl with a gallon of milk.

"She stated that a black male juvenile had struck a black female juvenile in the chest with a gallon of milk," the incident report reads.

The employee told police she would work with her manager to get security footage of the incident.

The officer on scene said that once the video was available, he would come pick it up, noting that if the unruly teen came back up to the store to call CPD immediately.

"I also told her that if she would call us the next time the juvenile was in the store we would come and criminally trespass him from the business," the officer wrote in his report.