From Conway Police Department reports

Restaurant break-in

Conway police are investigating a restaurant break-in after finding the front window was smashed and alcohol was dumped everywhere at Senior Tequila earlier this week.

Officers were notified of the break-in that occurred the night before at 8:17 a.m. Thursday.

While on scene, police could see the large front window was broken. After getting in touch with the owner, officers went inside to further investigate the extent of the damage and found a broken TV and that alcohol was poured all over the restaurant.

"While inside, we found that the inside of the restaurant had been vandalized," the incident report reads. "A TV had been broken and there was alcohol poured all over tables, counters, and the floor. One of the drink [dispenser] valves had been left open, emptying the contents all over the floor behind the bar."

Broken liquor bottles were scattered behind the bar as well.

The officers unsuccessfully attempted to get fingerprints off the broken bottles.

Despite the damage, the store owner said it didn't look like the suspect made off with a large loot, noting "it did not appear that anything had been stolen besides two beers," noting he suspected a former employee was responsible for the damage.

After reviewing security footage, officers learned a male suspect broke into the restaurant by throwing a large rock through the front window.

"In the video, above the front desk a male could be seen opening a cabinet and picking up a small electrical box," the report reads.

Officers successfully pulled fingerprints off the box and collected more information on the possible suspect.

The owner said he did not think the man in the video was the former employee "but said he thought that [the former employee] would pay someone to break into the store."

The incident remains under investigation at this time.

Put the blunt down

A man suspected in a domestic battery incident refused to stop smoking a blunt when officers arrived on scene Thursday morning.

As officers pulled up shortly after 9 a.m. to a residence in the 400 block of Durham Street, they were met by the victim, who was in the driveway crying.

The woman was asked to stay by the officers' patrol car as they got out to speak with the male suspect.

The man, who was smoking a blunt, said he called officers regarding a disturbance to the house and knew he would be going to jail.

"I immediately smelled the odor of marijuana and saw that the male had a marijuana blunt in his right hand," one officer wrote in his report. "I instructed the male to put down the marijuana. The male stated that he was 'going to jail, I might as well smoke it.'"

At this point, officers told the male suspect he was under arrest and again told the man to put the blunt down. However, the man refused and resisted arrest.

As the officer tried to put the man's arms behind his back, the suspect pulled away. The two struggled for a few moments before the male suspect tried to shove the officer away. The officers were able to contain the suspect and cuffed him. After the struggle, the man began hyperventilating and an ambulance was called to the scene.

Once paramedics confirmed the man was OK, he was taken to the county jail. The suspect faces three charges following the incident: third-degree domestic battery, interfering with emergency communications and possession of a controlled substance.