From Conway Police Department reports

Tip jar thief

A 24-year-old Conway man was arrested Saturday night for allegedly stealing tips from Bears Den Pizza.

According to an incident report, the manager at Bear's Den reported noticing the tip jar at the bar was missing at 12:40 a.m. Saturday.

Seeing the tip jar was gone, the manager reviewed security footage and recognized the man seen "taking the tip jar from the bar and putting it inside of his sweatshirt," according to the report.

Officers located the suspect on the outside patio and confronted him.

The suspect denied taking the money and said "he didn't know anything about the tip jar."

An officer told the suspect he watched security footage of the incident and saw the suspect taking the jar in the video.

"I informed him that I had just reviewed the surveillance footage and that I clearly saw him take the tip jar from the bar top and hide it in his sweatshirt," one officer wrote in his report. "I also informed him that the footage showed him return to the bar area and set the tip jar down on the floor near the bar."

While speaking with police, the suspect tried to get rid of the money and dropped the cash onto the ground, according to the report.

Despite the alleged thief's attempt to inconspicuously toss the cash, someone at the bar reported they saw the suspect try to get rid of the money.

When confronted about this issue, the suspect confessed to stealing money from the tip jar.

"While I was inside reviewing video one of the patrons in the bar ... [said he] saw [the suspect] drop some cash on the ground while he was standing near [an officer] on the patio," the incident report reads. "After asking [the suspect] about the money he dropped on the ground he told us that was all the money from the jar."

At this point, the suspect was arrested on one count of theft of property and taken to the county jail.

Marijuana stash

A man who tried to hide marijuana in a patrol unit when offered a ride by a Conway officer was arrested Saturday night.

According to an incident report, the suspect was involved in a crash at the intersection of Country Club Road and Kensington Drive around 10 p.m. Saturday.

An officer offered to give the suspect a ride home in his patrol car following the incident and, according to the report, the suspect tried to bring marijuana in the officer's patrol car.

The officer asked the suspect if he could search him before allowing him in the vehicle, and the 30-year-old man agreed to the search.

The incident report states that as the officer was searching a pair of shoes the suspect was trying to put into the patrol car, he found a plastic bottle "with a thick yellow syrup" inside of one of the shoes. The other shoe contained about five grams of marijuana in a plastic baggie.

When asked about the liquid substance, the suspect "admitted to me that the substance inside of the bottle was liquid Hydrocodone," according to the officer's report. The man also admitted to not having a prescription for the Hydrocodone.

At his point, the suspect was charged with possession of a controlled substance and taken to the county jail.