From Conway Police Department reports

Flattened tire

A woman filed a report against her boyfriend after he allegedly let the air out of one of her tires Saturday.

According to an incident report, officers were called out shortly after 11:30 p.m. Saturday to the 700 block of Reedy Road to speak with the victim who said she believed her boyfriend was responsible for letting the air out of her one of her tires.

She said the two were involved in an argument that turned physical earlier in the day. She also said she knew her boyfriend flattened her tire because a friend who was with her boyfriend confirmed he did it.

"She said that another male ... that was with [her boyfriend]  had told her that [her boyfriend] flattened it," the incident report reads.

Officers noted there were no puncture holes in the tire.

"I looked at the flattened tire. I did not notice any punctures to the tire and noted that the cap was still on the valve stem," the officer wrote in his report, also noting the tire was completely flat.

After seeing the bruising on the victim's hand, officers treated the incident as domestic disturbance and offered to call paramedics to the scene. The victim declined medical attention and said she only wanted to report her tire being flattened.

The victim was given a Laura's Law brochure after being screened on scene and a "Be On the Look Out" was issued against her boyfriend. The woman told officers her boyfriend lives on Kennedy Drive so that they could question him about the incident at his residence. However, while the her boyfriend's truck was still warm as if it had recently been used was sitting in the driveway, no one answered the door when police knocked on the door.

Hiding out

Two Conway residents were cited Sunday for trespassing in a Habitat for Humanity house.

Police were called out shortly after 5 p.m. Sunday to check on the house on Ingram Street after a neighbor reported he saw people climbing through a broken window.

The caller said he believed Habitat for Humanity house was supposed to be empty and became concerned when he saw people inside the home.

While officers knocked on the front door of the house in question, the neighbor said he could see someone trying to flee from a back window.

"While we were at the front door, the neighbor yelled to us that someone was crawling out through the window," the report reads.

Officers confronted the woman who was allegedly trying to escape and asked her what she was doing at the house.

"I guess being in a house that I am not supposed to be in," she said in response.

Another man crawled out the window and surrendered himself as officers began searching the house. During the search, officers also found two glass pipes inside the room it appeared the male suspect had been sleeping in.

The two were taken to the county jail on suspicion of trespassing and possession of drug paraphernalia following the incident.