From Conway Police Department reports

Family issues

A Conway man reported his stepdaughter's father has continually called and threatened his family.

The man told police Friday evening that he and his wife had received numerous threatening calls from his stepdaughter's biological father and another woman.

The two alleged suspects would call from Fort Smith, according to the incident report, and threaten to attack the couple along with other demeaning comments.

According to the report, the victims have tried unsuccessfully to block the number they have received threatening messages from.

The responding officer said the suspects were uncooperative when he attempted to follow up on the case.

When the officer called the number the couple reported to have received threatening messages from, the suspects told the officer to "mind your own [explicit] business. This isn't your jurisdiction" before hanging up, according to the report.

Bicycle theft

Conway police arrested a 27-year-old man who was found with a bicycle that was reported stolen from Candlewood Suites on Saturday.

According to an incident report, a Conway officer saw a man with a bicycle matching the description of a purple bicycle that was reported stolen "just a few hours prior."

According to reports, a woman reported at 6 a.m. Saturday that her bicycle was stolen.

At 7:28 a.m., the officer saw a man airing up a bicycle tire at the Mobil On the Run gas station. In his report, he said the bike appeared to be the bicycle that was reported from the nearby hotel.

The officer said he was investigating a bicycle theft that was recently reported in the area when he walked up to question the man. Immediately, the man said he did not steal the bike.

"The man said that he had just taken [the bicycle] out of a nearby dumpster," the officer wrote in his report. "The male also stated that 'he did not steal it.' At this time, I had not even mentioned the likeness of the bike he was on and the one reported stolen."

The woman who reported her bicycle was stolen also reported "two additional tires" were taken that morning. The officer checked the dumpster the suspect alleged to have found the bike in for the tires that were reported missing along with the bicycle, however, he was unable to locate the stolen tires.

After comparing the purple bike the man had with the photos of the bicycle that was reported stolen earlier in the day, the suspect was arrested on suspicion of theft by receiving.

The victim was in Oklahoma by the time officers informed her that her bicycle was recovered, stating she was in the process of moving to Arizona. Because she was currently out of state, she said she would not be able to pick the bicycle up immediately but would be able to do so in about six weeks. The officer said the bicycle would be kept in the evidence room at the Conway Police Department until she is able to pick it up.