From Conway Police Department reports

Hide and seek

A woman called police late Friday after learning her ex-boyfriend was hiding in her apartment.

According to an incident report, she met an officer at the Country Market Gas Station, which is right around the corner from Germantown Apartments, just before midnight Friday. She asked the officer if he would go to her apartment with her to while she grabbed some things from her apartment to stay with her mother because she did not feel safe.

The woman told the officer her ex-boyfriend was at her apartment, which she said made her uncomfortable, noting she had filed a no contact order against him.

As the officer searched the woman's apartment, he found the suspect "hiding in the fetal position in the bedroom closet."

The man told the officer he was only hiding because he thought the woman's mother was looking for him, noting her mother "does not like him."

After explaining to the suspect he was in violation of a no contact order and was not welcome at his ex-girlfriend's home, the man tried to flee the scene. Just before the man ran out the door, the officer said he started acting nervous, noting the suspect's hands were shaking and he started looking around the apartment.

"[The suspect] stated he was scared," the officer wrote in his report. "He also advised me that if he needed to leave, he would. I advised him to stay seated until I finish conducting my investigation. [The man] stated that he had bad nerves and asked if he could step outside to get some air."

The officer told the suspect to stay where he was, but instead, the man stood up. At this point, the officer said he decided to cuff the suspect. However, the man pulled away and tried to escape. Just as the officer pulled him back inside the apartment and knocked the suspect onto the floor, the man wiggled out of the officer's grasp and took off running into a field behind the neighboring apartment complex.

The officer called for backup as he chased after the man. Authorities caught up to the man and arrested him for violating a no contact order, fleeing on foot and refusing to submit to arrest and took him to the county jail.

Stolen gun

A man reported someone broke into his apartment Saturday evening and stole a gun and alcohol.

The victim called Conway police around 6:30 p.m. Saturday and said his apartment on Hogan Lane had been broken into.

The man said he'd left the deadbolt on his front door unlocked when he left to grab something to eat at about 5:30 p.m. While the deadbolt was unlocked, the man said he did lock the lock on the door knob, noting he was gone from the home for about 30 minutes.

When he got back to his apartment, the man said he noticed a handgun and a bottle of alcohol were missing from the home. The man did not have the serial number readily available while the officer was on scene but said he would stop by the pawn shop where he bought it so the officer could list it as stolen property.

While on scene, the officer said he did not see any sign of forced entry.