From Conway Police Department reports

Nursing home threat

Salem Place Nursing Home reported to Conway police Monday that the nursing home had received threatening phone calls.

The caller threatened to blow up the nursing home, according to an incident report.

One employee, who received the first threatening call, said the caller initially asked to speak with his grandfather, who he said was a resident at the nursing home.

The woman said she could not fully understand who the man was asking to speak with "due to the phone cutting in and out." She was able to make out the name "Bailey," but said there were no residents named Bailey.

According to the report, after the employee informed the caller there was no one named Bailey at the nursing home, he began making threats.

She told police "that the male on the phone then stated, '[I]f you don't let me speak with him, I'm going there and [will] blow this mother [explicit] up.'" The man immediately hung up the phone after threatening to blow up the building.

Later that day, a second threatening call was made to Salem Place Nursing Home.

The woman who took the second call described the caller as a white male who is around 50 to 60 years old. During this call, the man threatened to blow up the building a second time before hanging up the phone.

Officers treated the situation as a bomb threat and evacuated the residents from the building.

Once the scene was cleared, residents were allowed back inside the nursing home.

Vehicle break-in

A woman reported on Wednesday that someone broke into her unlocked vehicle at her home and stole her wallet.

The victim, who lives in the 600 block of Watkins Street, said she'd left her 2010 Dodge Charge unlocked overnight, noting someone broke into her car sometime between 4 p.m. Tuesday and 7 a.m. Wednesday.

The suspect made off with several credit cards, her driver's license, $1,041 in cash and a spare house key. Two of the stolen credit cards belonged to her children's father, she said.

Officers advised the woman to have the credit cards canceled and to change the locks on her house.

Facebook death threat

On Wednesday, a woman reported receiving a death threat on Facebook.

The woman said she tried to warn her friend of an online dating scam when the alleged scammer threatened to kill her.

She told officers her friend has been chatting via Facebook with a man from Nigeria, who she believes is trying to scam her friend. She said she determined the man was behind a dating scam after speaking with his cousin.

"She stated that she was talking to his cousin but found out that it was a dating scam so she talking to him," the incident report reads. "She has tried to convince her friend that it is a dating scam and contacted [the suspect]."

After contacting the man her friend has been chatting with, "he threatened to kill her," according to the woman's statement to police.

This incident was not the first time the man has threatened her, she said. However, she said she could not remember exactly when he last threatened her. On this incident, she said he told her, "I am personally going to kill you," which scared her.

Because of what the man said, she said she felt she needed to make a report with authorities.