Members of Conway High School's Marching Band experienced the atmosphere and of a Razorback basketball game as they joined members of the Hogwild Band at the University of Arkansas recently.

Conway Band Director Nathan Cunningham said he originally visited with the director of the Hog Wild Band about the possibility of bringing a few students to visit.

"As we looked at the schedule, he saw a game where the University was still on winter break and he would not have as many Hogwild Band members in attendance," Cunningham said.  "So this allowed us to take 50 Conway students to play with the Hogwild Band."

As an added bonus, the Razorbacks were playing against LSU (Louisiana State University) in a SEC (Southeastern Conference) match-up.

The combined Courtside Cats members and Hogwild Band members added up to more than 100 musicians present for the game.

Cunningham said despite the outcome of the game, the students still had a blast being able to participate in the event.

"It was definitely one of the coolest things I've ever experienced in my life," Mason Choate, a junior trumpet player, said. "Everything was so organized and professional, which made the experience even more fun. I hope to be in the Hogwild Band someday."

Ca'Taija Anderson, a sophomore clarinet player, said being able to play with the Hogwild Band was a great experience.

"I made new friends and the band was fun," she said.