We have closed out 2017 in Faulkner County. We still have a few things left over - mainly paying bills for items and services purchased. During this time of the year we all should consider ourselves blessed with what we have and the part of this world we live in. Then, we should put God, family, and friends at the top of our list.

Each year we lay out a list of plans for what needs to be done to help us move forward to show a positive benefit for the public we serve with the resources that are provided. We failed to factor in the storm disaster we received on April 30th that caused our Road Department to alter our 2017 plans; to address damages caused by more than ninety wash-outs and one major bridge that collapsed. After three months we got back on course and completed most of our pressing needs of improvements.

During this third week of January 2018 we have closed Caney Creek Bridge south of Conway at the lake to replace it with a new wider, longer concrete bridge. Hopefully, it will be completed by May 1st and reopened. Until then that section of the road will be closed.

I believe the relocation of Highway 25 has helped the northern part of our county gain better access and safer travel than we could have ever imagined. It has cut minutes off for Wooster and Greenbrier to Conway and Interstate 40. Also, the improvements on HWY 285 to Twin Groves and Martinville display the benefits of a new road for the northern part of our county that was long overdue.

From all reports the Wooster and Greenbrier areas are the fastest growing parts of Faulkner County. The need to improve infrastructure has become a big challenge for both the mayors and the county. The new water district southwest of Round Mountain Road will serve ninety families and will be completed this winter. Thanks in large part to Conway Corporation for agreeing to furnish them with water. They have waited a long time, this improvement in the Rocky Gap area will improve the quality of life for all that receive this resource. Conway Corporation is to be commended for making this happen as well as the grant from USDA.

I am looking forward to 2018 and the opportunities that come as well as the plans that are being made to make things better in Faulkner County. I am proud and blessed that Faulkner County has been my home for the past 50 years. The foundation of this county was put into place by the men and women that came before us. Now looking at the county as a whole, one would say that we are proud they came our way.

This time of the year is a good time to give special thanks for all the blessings we have and enjoy, as well as to take time to appreciate the love of family. I do believe that we often overlook and take for granted what all the veterans have done to insure the freedoms that we are blessed with and enjoy. Please give them the credit for the following four things which “in any land must dwell if it endures and prospers well:

1. One is manhood true and good

2. One is noble womanhood

3. One is child life, clean and bright

4. One is an altar, kept a light”

~Author Unknown

Now, we can trust, hope, and pray that 2018 will be a good and prosperous year for Faulkner County. We plan to continue to improve our county’s infrastructure, with upgrading our road systems starting at Lollie Road and then all surrounding roads on Pickles Gap and Sunny Gap. Also, Pinnacle Springs and West Republican Road, with the partnership from the Arkansas Department of Transportation.

With any questions or concerns that you may have contact me at 501-450-4900. Someone will assist you if I cannot. We have several county offices that can help.