Traffic violators who are ticketed in Conway, Greenbrier or Clinton will soon have the option to set up time payments for their fines without having to attend court to do so.

District Judge Susan Weaver on Thursday said that Matterhorn, an online case resolution platform that enables people to interact with the court remotely, should be available within the next 30 days.

Once the program begins, people complete the form online and submit it. She reviews the plan and decides whether to approve or deny them based on income, monthly bills, etc.

She stressed that it’s not a video appearance, but “more like an email.”

Only non-mandatory court appearances are eligible, such as speeding. People with offenses that mandate a court appearance, such as reckless driving, still have to attend court.

Arkansas state law requires a judge to review cases whether they are mandatory or non-mandatory offenses.

Because Weaver has to approve the plans, it meets the state statute of “going before a judge,” she said.

District Judge Susan Weaver said the Conway, Greenbrier and Clinton offices would be the first in the state to implement the program.

The cities were selected because they have major roadways that are often used by people from out of town or out of state.

“This way, they don’t have to drive in just to set up a time pay,” Weaver said.

She said there are nearly 10,000 people on time-pay plans currently.

Violators can still pay their tickets before their court dates as well, she said.

The program is also expected to help cut down on failure to appear and failure to comply outstanding warrants.