From Conway Police Department reports

Identity theft

A 61-year-old woman reported on Saturday that an ex-boyfriend fraudulently charged more than $8,000 of debt in her name.

While speaking to police, the victim referenced an Sept. 13, 2016, incident where she received an odd letter in the mail. The woman who wrote the letter identified herself as a former victim of Jerry Poole.

"I understand that he stuck you with a large Lwe's bill and no telling what else," the letter reads.

The victim said "it seemed very odd because she had been in a relationship with Jerry Poole that ended in 2011," according to the incident report.

The woman said the strange events escalated on Nov. 9, 2017, when she received a collection letter from a law firm regarding an outstanding balance with Lowe's totaling $8,768.23.

The woman told police Saturday that she informed the law firm that the debt was not hers and was told on Feb. 6 to fill out an identity theft statement for the firm.

The law firm also provided the victim with a statement that showed Poole's address but was listed under her name. The date of birth listed on the account also matched Poole's birth date.

Staged attack

A University of Central Arkansas Student reported a man hit him in the face while filming a video at the Gulf gas station on Dave Ward Drive.

The victim said he was at the gas station when two males began questioning him about the film and then hit him in the face.

According to an incident report, the suspects walked up to the victim shortly after 1 p.m. Saturday when one of the suspects asked the victim if he wanted "to fight with him" on camera.

"[The victim] was joking around with [the suspect] and trying to walk him off the set," the report reads. "The male asked him again if he want[ed] to wrestle and [the victim] said sure. The male [then] took off his hat and hit [the victim] across the face."

The victim and other students on scene said the suspect that hit the victim was wearing a Waste Management Shirt and provided authorities with the name on the uniform.

In the report, the reporting officer noted the victim's face "had a little redness to it" while speaking with authorities.

Hospital turns over evidence

A Conway Regional Medical Center employee turned over suspected drug paraphernalia found on an overdose patient.

The employee contacted CPD shortly before 3 a.m. Monday regarding "a small amount of cocaine like substance and four syringes" found on a patient that had been admitted for an overdose, according to an incident report.

When the officer arrived he met up with the employee and collected the suspected evidence.

According to the report, the hospital employee handed over "a baggie with [a] small trace amount of a cocaine like substance inside an eye glass case and four syringes."

The officer bagged the items into a bio-hazard package and took them to the police department to be destroyed in the evidence room to be destroyed at a later time.

According to the incident report, the officer did not obtain the patient's information while on scene.