Craig D. Campbell Lake Conway Reservoir

The AGFC is treating alligator weed in Lake Conway using EPA-registered herbicides approved for use in aquatic systems. The AGFC strongly recommends that adjacent landowners not use lake water for irrigation of lawns or gardens through March 1,2018. For more information please contact the AGFC Fisheries Office in Mayflower at (877)-470-3309.

(updated 2-7-2018) Bates Field and Stream (501-470-1846) reported that the clarity is clear and the lake is at normal level. Crappie are fair on minnows or white jigs. Bream are fair and biting redworms. Bass are fair; use either white spinnerbaits or white crankbaits. Catfish reports were fair as well. Worms were the go-to bait.

(updated 2-7-2018) Gold Creek Landing (501-607-0590) reports crappie fishing is good on jigs or minnows. Crappie are in 2-6 feet depth. All other species slow.

Little Red River

(updated 2-7-2018) Greg Seaton of (501-690-9166) said the river is clear with increased generation due to the cold weather. They have generated four hours each morning Monday and Tuesday and are scheduled for the same Wednesday. Warming temperatures after tomorrow will probably decrease the generation later in the week. This fresh water will probably help the bite. A little fresh water usually gets the fish more active after a long period of low water. Drift-fishing will be better with the increased level of water in the river. While this schedule continues, wade fishing will be restricted to early morning to mid-morning at Winkley Shoal and afternoon fishing at the dam after the generation has ceased.

NOTE: Greg will again be offering the free fly-fishing class at First United Methodist Church in Heber Springs beginning Thursday evening, Feb. 15. The class lasts for four weeks (each Thursday night from 7-9 p.m.). These dates are Feb. 15, Feb. 22, March 1 and March 8. It would be best to attend all classes, but if this not possible, come when you can. To register for this class, please contact Greg Seaton at 501-690-9166. If Greg doesn’t immediately answer, he will return voicemails or texts. Just one week before the class begins!

(updated 1-31-2018) Lowell Myers says that Sore Lip’em All Guide Service reported the Little Red continues to experience extremely low water conditions most days from lack of water release from the Greers Ferry Dam due to the low lake level. Power generation is occurring only during times of cold air temperatures, so expect extended days of very little water release during mild winter temperatures. Sowbugs, midges, soft hackles and Woolly Buggers are working well for fly anglers. Pink and white Trout Magnets are recommended for spin fishing. Always check before heading to the Little Red River by calling the Army Corps of Engineers Little Rock District water data system (501-362-5150) for Greers Ferry Dam water release information or check the Corps of Engineers website ( for real-time water release and the Southwestern Power Administration website ( to see forecasted generation schedule.

Greers Ferry Lake

As of Wednesday, the Army Corps of Engineers reports the lake’s elevation at 455.33 feet msl (normal conservation pool: 462.04 feet msl Oct. 1-April 30; 463.04 feet msl May 1-June 1; 462.54 feet msl June 1-Sept. 30).

(updated 2-7-2018) Tommy Cauley of Fishfinder Guide Service (501-940-1318) said the water level at Greers Ferry Lake on Tuesday was at 455.36 feet, 6.68 feet below normal pool of 462.04 feet msl and on a slow rise until they have to generate some. The bass fishing is fair on spinnerbaits, traps and jigs up shallow. The deeper fish can be caught on C-rigs and football heads out to 45 feet of water around shad. The mid-depth jerkbait bite is improving every day and will continue to be good through late spring. The crappie fishing is good on sunny days and so-so on cloudy days. Try fishing 18-30 feet vertical or reeling a beetle spin at the same depths horizontal for the best bite with minnows or jigs vertical. No report on bream. The hybrid and white bass fishing is good all over the lake for the fish getting ready to travel up rivers. Stay around the shad in 20-45 feet of water and use spoons, inline spinners, swimbaits and hair jigs. The moving baits work best when it is cloudy, with spoons on sunny days. No report on walleye or catfish.

(updated 2-7-2018) Cody S. Smith of (501-691-5701) said Greers Ferry is currently 6.5 feet below power pool and holding steady with limited generation and a bit of inflow from recent rain over the reservoir basin. Water temps are in the lower to mid-40s lakewide and water clarity is good for this time of year. Clear on the south end and slightly colored to the north. Crappie fishing is good and will continue to get even better as the month carries on. These fish are staging for their spring spawn and can be caught adjacent to spawning areas in primary and secondary creeks and rivers. The walleye bite is slow, to say the least. Look for that bite to turn on in a couple more weeks. Hybrids and white bass are on the move and staging as well. Feeding mainly in the early morning and once again late in the day. Look at depths of 18-35 feet at the mouths of our rivers and spawning bays. Spring dates are filling fast here, call email or text to book your next trip with Fish Greers Ferry Guide Service. Call or find them on the web @ or on facebook @ Fish Greers Ferry Guide Service.

Harris Brake Lake

(updated 2-7-2018) Harris Brake Lake Resort (501-889-2745) had no report.

Lake Overcup

The AGFC is treating alligator weed in Lake Overcup using EPA-registered herbicides approved for use in aquatic systems. The AGFC strongly recommends that adjacent landowners not use lake water for irrigation of lawns or gardens through March 1,2018. For more information please contact the AGFC Fisheries Office in Mayflower at (877)-470-3309.

(updated 1-31-2018) Johnny “Catfish” Banks at Overcup Bait Shop and R.V. Park (501-354-9007) said the water level is normal and clarity is good. Bass fishing has been picking up a little. Bream are slow but still catching some smaller ones on redworms around the docks and piers. Catfish are slow but still catching some good ones on trotlines and yo-yos. Crappie have slowed down some during the day but have been doing well early morning and after dark on yo-yos in 4-6 feet of water with minnows. Cold weather has slowed people from coming out, but the fishing continues.

Brewer Lake

(updated 2-7-2018) Larry Walters at Bones Bait Shop (501-354-9900) said

Lake Maumelle

(updated 1-24-2018) Jolly Rogers Marina (501-868-5558) said black bass are slow. Black bass are biting on shaky head jigs, warm-colored crankbaits, drops-shot and jerkbaits. Blacks are off steep rocky banks. They’re shallow during dusk and dawn. Drop 12-18 feet in deep water. Kentucky bass are slow. The spots are being caught on hair and finesse jigs. They can be found near the edge of the creek channel. White bass are slow. They are running in 20-25 feet of water in the channels. Reports are coming in of them being on the east end furthest north side of the lake. Use Rooster Tails, CC Spoons and deep-diving Bandits and Bombers. They are mixed in with the crappie. The crappie also is slow. They are being caught on crappie minnows and soft plastic bodies with a weighted jighead. Try using chartreuse or lead. Also try Cotton Cordell bladed jigs. They’re being caught 28-34 feet deep. Fish in the channel or under water bridges. No reports have come in this past week on any bream or catfish.

Sunset Lake

(updated 2-7-2018) Lisa’s Bait Shop (501-778-6944) said a few people are still catching some crappie on pink and No. 6 crappie minnows around the dock. Some catfish have been caught on Wild Cat Blood and nightcrawlers, also off of size 12 bass minnows.

Bishop Park Ponds

(updated 2-7-2018) Lisa’s Bait Shop (501-778-6944) said there are still some reports of crappie being caught off size 6 crappie minnows close to the bank. No really big ones; about 1 pound or less. Those ponds feed off of Hurricane Creek, which comes from Hurricane Lake, so there has been some very nice fish come trapped in there after there is a big rain, which floods the creek into the ponds. Lots of people like going to those ponds because they can keep more fish (it's not an AFGF lake). And it's not in the regulation book so the regulations you go by are the state that are in the front of the fishing book: 10 bass, 10 catfish, 30 crappie, 50 bream.

Saline River Access in Benton

(updated 2-7-2018) Lisa at Lisa’s Bait Shop (501-778-6944) said walleye are still being caught, some not in great numbers but in good-sized ones. Anglers are using brooder minnows especially at the spillway. Smallmouth and Kentucky bass are also doing well on the brooders, as well as a few nice crappie. Hard to believe the crappie being caught off brooders, but Lisa says she has done it before. Years ago she says, Lisa and her husband in the month of February caught two stringers full of big crappie off the Saline River.

Lake Norrell

(updated 2-7-2018) Lisa’s Bait Shop (501-778-6944) said crappie doing fair on size 6 crappie minnows and Kalin's Tennessee Shad 2-inch grubs. Catfish are being caught off of size 12 bass minnows and nightcrawlers. Bass are being caught using size 12 bass minnows and brooders.

Lake Winona

(updated 2-7-2018) Lisa at Lisa’s Bait Shop (501-778-6944) says crappie are being caught using size 12 bass minnows and Kalin's blue & silver 2-inch grubs. Catfish are being caught off of skipjack and bait shrimp. Bass are biting No. 6 crappie minnows.

Arkansas River at Morrilton

(updated 2-7-2018) Charley’s Hidden Harbor at Oppelo (501-354-8080) said the recent weather has kept people off the river. He said catfish are in deep holes. Use shad with nightcrawlers. Bass are around jetties; use worms. Crappie are in the Petit Jean River. Float jigs in 8-14 feet of water. Sauger are biting below No. 9 on spook rigs.

Little Maumelle River

(updated 2-7-2018) River Valley Marina (501-517-1250) said the water is stained and has a surface temperature in the 40s. Water level and current are normal. Crappie are fair. The fish are in 4-6 feet depth. Use minnows or black and green jigs. Bass are fair and are biting crankbaits and plastic worms.

Arkansas River (Little Rock Pool)

(updated 1-31-2018) Vince Miller from Fish ’N’ Stuff (501-834-5733) said the water clarity has a light stain. The level is 1-2 feet low. Bream are good and can be found in 8-10 feet of water. They are biting crickets. Crappie reports are good. The fish are in 8-12 feet depth. Anglers are catching them on tubes. Bass are good. Try using jerkbaits. You’ll find the bass arounds the main river jetties. No reports on catfish.

(updated 1-24-2018) Zimmerman’s Exxon (501-944-2527) said the water is clear and the level and current are normal. Fair reports on crappie fishing. Crappie are about 6 feet deep and found around the rocky points. Use minnows. No other species were reported caught.

(updated 2-7-2018) McSwain Sports Center (501-945-2471) said crappie are fair on jigs. Catfish were fair with best reports coming from the backwaters. Use stink bait. No reports on bass. No reports on bream.

Clear Lake (off Arkansas River-Little Rock Pool)

(updated 2-7-2018) McSwain Sports Center (501-945-2471) said clarity is fair and the level and current of the water is normal. Crappie are biting fair on black and green jigs. Bass are fair on spinnerbaits and plastic worms. Bream reports were poor, but there were nibbles on worms. No report on catfish.

(updated 2-7-2018) Lisa’s Bait Shop (501-778-6944) in Benton said a longtime customer and his son brought by some very nice crappie they had caught at Clear Lake. They were using No. 6 crappie minnows. They each left with their limit of big crappie last weekend.

Peckerwood Lake

(updated 2-7-2018) Herman’s Landing (870-241-3731) reopened on Monday, so Donna had no reports to give. The water is stained. Surface water temperature is in the 40s. The level is low.