County officials are teaming up with the Arkansas Department of Transportation to improve two access roads in Guy.

Improvements include widening and repaving 4.08 miles along Pinnacle Springs Road and 3.10 miles along West Republican Road.

"We are widening 1 foot on each side. It should improve the road quite a bit," ARDOT spokesman Danny Straessle said, noting "traffic shouldn't be disrupted for very long" during the construction phase.

County Road Foreman Mark Ledbetter said the county road department is worked in coordination with city officials to prepare the streets for the project.

Because the county is receiving aid through state funds for the project, Ledbetter said the process has been smooth in preparing the streets for the improvements.

"The state does all the engineering," he said. "Basically, all we have to do is get ready for them. It's a big help to us, working with the state on this. We're replacing the culverts out in the county and those in city limits are being replaced by [city officials]."

Forty-five percent of the project will be covered by the State Aid Program, and county officials will match the remaining 55 percent of costs. The project is scheduled to go up for bid on Feb. 21 so that "workers can hopefully get started this spring," Ledbetter said.

Ledbetter said improvements to these two access roads was much needed, noting they are highly trafficked streets that connect to Highway 65.

"These roads were deteriorating," he said. "These improvements will help save us from a bigger cost at a later date."

Pinnacle Springs is an access road that stretches from Highway 65 to Highway 25 and West Republican Road guides drivers from Highway 65 to Highway 285.

Mayor Sam Higdon said the city is looking forward to the upgrade.

"It's a blessing to us," he said of the project. "Pinnacle Springs is a busy road, not just for the city, but on the county's end as well."

Higdon said the construction zone will pose as a mild inconvenience to drivers as workers are replacing the culverts along Pinnacle Springs but that the process "shouldn't take long to complete."

"For every culvert we replace, we'll have to close one lane," he said. "We should finish up at least two a day, so it shouldn't take long to complete."

County Judge Jim Baker said he is glad the county can help in providing these improvements and that he "guarantees the project will begin and completed before the end of the year."

Among these projects, Ledbetter said the county has also teamed up with the city of Guy in improving two other city streets. He said the county is preparing to overlay and repave Sunset Lane and Battles Loop, noting the two streets should be properly prepared to begin the overlay process within three weeks.