From Conway Police Department reports

Drunken pedestrian

Conway police arrested a 29-year-old man that was stumbling down Salem Road on Friday night.

According to an incident report, authorities were located of "a possible drunk person walking down the road" near South Salem and Nutters Chapel roads.

While looking for the suspect, officers were flagged down by another driver who said they say the suspect headed north on South Salem Road, noting he was "stumbling and almost falling in the road."

When the officer located the suspect, the suspect "stumble[d] into a fence and [fell] down on the sidewalk," according to the incident report.

The suspect said he'd just left Serrano's restaurant, where he  "had multiple drinks" and was walking home, according to his statement. While speaking with the suspect, the officer noted the suspect smelled strongly of alcohol and that he was slurring his words.

The officer also found a bag of suspected marijuana in the suspect's pocket while searching him.

The suspect was arrested on scene and taken to the county jail.

Man allegedly threatens former wife

A woman called police in reference to threats her "soon-to-be-ex" husband made to her on Monday, according to an incident report.

The report states Conway police were called out to a residence on Griffith Street to take a terroristic threatening report after a woman said her ex-husband was harassing her and threatening her over the phone.

"She stated that he had called her and told her that he was leaving Benton to come to her house," according to the report. "He was planning to pick up the kids and 'beat her [explicit].'"

The victim said her ex-husband would call and make threats and that she was scared for her son, noting she was worried her ex-husband would try to pick their son up from school.

The officer contacted Conway's school resource officer, who confirmed the suspect was not authorized to pick up the child from the school.

When questioning the suspect over the phone, the suspect told CPD he never threatened the victim but instead "attempt[ed] to send her some money."

"He stated that he had made no threats and that they didn't even argue on the phone," according to his statement to police.

The woman who filed the report was given an incident number and advised of the warrants process should she wish to file charges against her ex-husband.