Greenrbier residents voted in favor of three proposals that will bring a citywide total sales tax increase of 0.5 percent on Tuesday.

The increase, which brings the rate to 2.5 percent, is expected to garner the city $6 million for park improvements, paying off the bond for Matthews Park and a new fire station.

One-eight of 1 percent (0.125 percent) will be used “to pay and secure the repayment of bonds approved by the voters and issued by the City from time to time to finance capital improvements [and] for park and recreational purposes,” according to the ordinance.

Three-eighths of 1 percent (0.375 percent) sales and use tax increase will be used to pay off a bond debt for the fire department and to move forward with Matthews Park passed.

That tax will cease once the bonds are paid in full, which city officials estimate will take 15 years.

Also Tuesday, Ricky Hill defeated Jim Coy by a vote of 90 to 70 to fill the vacant State Senate District 29 seat, which encompasses a portion of Vilonia.