Green Toad Auto and Tire celebrated its expansion to audio and video installs Tuesday with a ribbon cutting.

“We have been Green Toad Tire and Auto for about a year now, but it made since to branch into something because this is usually not covered well in Conway and that is car audio and video,” Owner and Manager Jeremy Smith said. “We had a lot of room and an install bay that wasn’t being used. We remodeled that for audio.”

Smith said they have already performed a few installs and have demo vehicles.

“We have nice, clean sound; we have the next step up which will blow your eardrums out and then, you’ve got the in between, which can blow your eardrums out, but sound good,” he said.

Smith said Green Toad Audio works with DD Audio, which he said was the Rolex of audio.

“We do the high-end audio, the DD Audio, which is the Rolex of car audio, but the pricing is not Rolex pricing,” he said. “A set of speakers is comparable to nice set of Pioneer speakers.”

He said Green Toad is also a Pioneer dealer, as well as selling Audio Enhancers and many more, locally.

Smith also talked about classes the shop performs.

“We have classes, which will start when it begins to stay lighter longer,” he said. “We have a women’s class, where to feel safe to ask questions. This will be a class to learn the basics and move up from there, and then a class open to the public, where everyone can come and learn all kinds of things.

“It covers anything from maintenance, what you would expect from a shop in a Q&A session. That’s just the tire and auto part. It’s a neat way to learn about us, the industry as a whole and cars, in general.”

Green Toad Auto and Tire is open from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, but closed on weekends.

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