From Conway Police Department

Stolen rent money

A 39-year-old man reported on Friday that someone had stolen more than $3,000 of rent money he'd recently collected from his tenants.

According to the man's statement, the victim locked his doors before leaving for Hot Springs around 2 p.m. Thursday. When he got back home around 7:30 a.m. Friday, he said he was immediately suspicious someone had broken in, because his dog was running around outside.

The Torreyson Street resident said someone had broken in through a window in the east bedroom and stole a jewelry box that was on his dresser, noting there was $3,300 of rent money that he had recently collected from his tenants.

The victim told police Friday morning "that as of now, it does not look as though anything else was stolen and [that he] believes that they went in knowing that the money was in there."

The responding officer asked the victim to come to the police department if he thinks of any additional information that could be relevant to the case.

Suspicious pedestrian

Conway police arrested a man for violating a no contact order on Friday and providing officers with false identifying information.

According to an incident report, an officer initially stopped to make sure the 24-year-old man was OK, because he was walking around with no shoes or a jacket on in 40-degree weather.

"The male was wet from head to toe, indicating that he had been outside in the rain and cold for a while," the report reads. "Due to the conditions and the fact that the male was not dressed for the conditions, I stopped to make sure the male was [OK]."

The man told the officer he was fine but acted confused when asked about where he was headed. When the officer asked for the man's name, he was not able to get any information from dispatch based off the name and date of birth the man provided. The officer asked the man for his identifying information a second time, to make sure he'd heard correctly, and the suspicious man provided a different date of birth, noting he was from Texas and had never had a driver's license.

According to his statement, the man was headed to his girlfriend's house. Officer's questioned a woman who later arrived on scene. The woman provided officers with the correct name and date of birth for the suspect and told officers she did not want the man to leave with her.

"I spoke with the female who arrived on scene and asked if she wanted this male to go home with her," one officer wrote in his report. "She said no. She said that the man was not her boyfriend and seemed very uneasy when he spoke over [the officer]."

The woman said the man had repeatedly texted her, asking her to come pick him up "because the cops were out with him."

"She said she was scared of him and feels like he manipulates her and that she did not feel safe around him," the incident report reads. "She said that there is a no contact order in place and that [the man] failed to appear for his domestic charges that the no contact order stemmed from. She said she did not want anything to do with and wanted him to leave her alone because she hates how he manipulates her."

The man was charged with violating a no contact order as well as obstructing governmental operations and was taken to the county jail.