A flood warning has been reissued for areas surrounding Lake Conway.

Matt Horton with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission said the lake received 1.4 inches of rain Tuesday night and was expected to receive up to 2 more inches beginning Wednesday night into Thursday morning.

With the lake's water level just below flood level "and rising slowly" Wednesday afternoon, Horton said it was likely the lake would reach flood level again.

Flood stage for Lake Conway is 266 feet MSL.

"The lake was still 2.4 [feet] above normal pool prior to the start of rain [Tuesday] night," he said. "Given the current rise in the lake's water level and precipitation forecast, it is imminent the lake will reach and exceed flood stage [late Wednesday]. If the lake receives 1 to 2 more inches of rain, it could bring the lake up another 6 inches. If more than 2 inches of rain falls, it could bring the lake up higher than that."

At this point, nearly 10 homes have reported flood damages to county officials following the heavy rains that began early last week.

County Attorney David Hogue said it's difficult to get a full assessment of damages at this point because water levels are still high. Along with homes that have reported flood damages, Hogue sad many residents have reported damages to outbuildings on their properties.

"We don't have a final number [of damaged buildings] yet," he said. "We're just taking it as we can ... there's a big mass of outbuildings and such reported with damages as well right now."

Damage reports can be submitted to the Faulkner County Office of Emergency Management online at www.oem911.net under the "Forms" tab on the left-hand column or by calling 501-450-4935.

"We will need to conduct damage assessments as soon as possible," Hogue said. "In order to receive federal assistance, we must meet a threshold of damage to be eligible."

Hogue also said that with waters expected to continue rising in the area, he advises residents to contact county officials at 501-450-4900 should they come upon a roadway that has washed out but doesn't have a barrier up to warn motorists.

On Wednesday, Horton said he believes residential flooding will occur along Lake Conway overnight.

"Residential flooding in low lying areas around the shoreline of Lake Conway will occur [Wednesday] and into [Thursday]," he said. "Please pass this information on to anyone who may be affected around Lake Conway. Also, please [remind others] to contact the Faulkner County Office of Emergency Management if their home is impacted by flood water, so they can document damage needed to justify issuance of state and/or federal disaster assistance for victims."