The University of Central Arkansas has announced that it has joined the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA), a forum for the development of blockchain standards and education for the transportation industry.

UCA is one of the first universities accepted for BiTA membership.

“Trucking is the focus of UCA’s Logistics and Supply Chain Management program and technology plays an increasingly important role in trucking operations,” Doug Voss, associate professor of logistics and supply chain management, said. “Joining BiTA provides our faculty an opportunity to help create blockchain standards, educate our students about this important innovation and share what we learn with UCA’s industry stakeholders.”

"Blockchain utilizes a decentralized ledger to record transactions across many computers so the record cannot be altered retroactively without the alteration of all subsequent blocks and the agreement of the network," he said.

Voss said Similar to Wikipedia, anyone with access may modify the ledger but all parties must agree before changes are accepted and made.  

“Blockchain has potential to remove third parties from transactions and improve product traceability," he said. "It could remove a great deal of waste from the supply chain. We are excited to participate in BiTA and help shape blockchain’s foundation in trucking."

Voss also serves on the Arkansas Trucking Association Board of Directors. 

According a news release, BiTA is focused on providing educational resources and open forums to those in the industry interested in leading the evolution of the trucking industry through the efficiencies offered in blockchain technology and "engaging the brightest minds from the most influential leaders" in transportation, finance and technology.

“Today’s students are the future leaders of the transportation and logistics industry, so being able to engage with the University of Central Arkansas through its membership in the Blockchain in Transport Alliance will ensure its students are fluent in the most transformative technology to come along in years,” Chris Burruss, president of BiTA, said. “Just as importantly, BiTA members will benefit from the ability to connect with leading academics in the supply chain field in the shared exercise of information gathering and problem-solving."

He said they welcome and look forward to collaborating with UCA as BiTA works to develop blockchain standards for transportation.

BiTA, founded in August 2017, is a forum for promotion, education and encouragement to develop and adopt blockchain applications in the trucking, transportation and logistics industry with goals for members to participate, discuss, create and adopt industry standard uses of blockchain applications and to provide clarity and direction for the development of blockchain technology in the trucking industry in a manner that will create efficiency, transparency and foster trust.