When last weeks column gave a recipe for Steakburgers, received a message from Mandy Tatom. Her friends, the Cecil’s make the best burgers in Conway according to Mandy, and we would be remiss to ignore their fresh, never frozen food. OKAAAAAY.

We found Mandy knew that of which she spoke, Beebe's Hamburgers and Hotdogs on Dave Ward Drive makes really fresh good food. Beebe's has it going on and Mandy was so right. Lucky us, Laura and Jeremie Cecil shared a few of their favorite recipes with us.

Before we share these recipes, let me tell you a bit more about Jeremie and Laura. Laura spent her first several years in Conway raising her three boys and working with children. She was a cub scout leader for five years; She is an excellent child caregiver with gifts for decorating and party planning. If there ever was a ‘woman for all seasons’ it’s Laura.

Jeremie worked in the oil industry but loved cooking at home for his family and being outdoors with the scouts as a leader in local troop 534 and his boys. Laura and Jeremie combined their love for taking care of children and friends by opening Beebe’s Hamburgers and Hotdogs. Beebe’s is a fun, family-and-dog-friendly burger joint with a musical flair named after their sweet rescue dog Jeremie found on an oil field in Beebe, Arkansas.

When you go in for your burger - and know you will - be sure to ask Jeremie for the full story of their rescue dog, Beebe.

Chili-Cheese dip

2 cups chili from Beebe’s. 1 cup cheddar cheese soup, 1 can (4 oz) chopped chili peppers and 3 slices American processed cheese. Heat chili, canned cheddar cheese soup and canned chili peppers over low temperature until heated through. Add cheese slices, breaking them up. Heat until cheese melts and is mixed well with other ingredients. Serve with Beebe’s fries! A faster method: Get Beebe’s Chili and Beebe’s Cheese sauce and mix them with peppers.

Top Secret Chocolate Pie

Gather: egg yolks (separate yolk and whites into separate bowls), 1 large can Pet milk, ¾ cup sugar, ½ cup cocoa, dash salt, ½ cup sugar, 1 cup milk, and 1 pre-made crust. Beat egg yolks and mix with Pet milk. Mix sugar, cocoa and salt; then add to egg mixture. Add 1 cup milk to all the ingredients and mix well. Pour into bowl and thicken in microwave. When thick, add 1 tablespoon vanilla and ¼ stick butter. Beat well until smooth. Pour into pie crust. Beath egg whites and sugar until stiff. Spread over pie and cook at 350 degrees until pie crust is brown.

3 ingredient no-bake caramel clusters

Gather ¼ cup butter, 1 cup sugar, 4 cups kix cereal. Melt butter in large saucepan; stir in sugar. Cook and stir 4 or 5 minutes or until mixture turns golden in color (butter and sugar may separate). Cook 2 minutes longer until mixture is no longer granular (mixture may still be separated). Do not overcook. Remove from heat and quickly add cereal and stir until cereal is completely coated. Immediately spread on a cookie sheet. Let cook, then break into bite-sized pieces.

Easy ice cream

Gather 2 small packages of instant pudding (pick your favorite flavor), 2 cups sugar, 1 big can evaporated milk, ½ gallon organic milk. Mix well and freeze. Enjoy!