From Conway Police Department reports

Harassing neighbor

Two Locust Street residents filed a harassment report against a neighbor on Saturday.

According to an incident report, the two residents requested filing the harassment report shortly before 5 p.m. Saturday because the suspect had acted suspicious while one of the two was out walking her dog.

The women told the responding officer "that for the past few months, they have been bothered and made nervous by their neighbor."

Prior to calling officers on Saturday to file a report, the 19-year-old victim said she was out walking her dog when their neighbor drove by and honked at her. After honking at her, she said the man immediately turned around, which made her nervous. She told the officer that when this happened, she turned around and headed back to her house. At this point, the suspect allegedly "got irate and began yelling at her that she turned around 'cause I'm black.'"

The 20-year-old victim said the suspect has made sexual remarks at her as she was jogging and has stepped out in front of her as she was running to make "sexual remark[s] about her and her body when this happened."

Child left at Hogwild

A 5-year-old boy was left at Hogwild while his family went shopping on Saturday.

According to an incident report, a Hogwild manager called authorities at 7:10 p.m. after she and other employees unsuccessfully searched for the boy's family.

The play center's staff was alerted the boy was lost by another customer who was in the store. The manager that called authorities said she called all groups who had been at the business for birthday parties that day, but said none of the groups recognized the boy.

When officers arrived on scene, they immediately began gathering as much information about the boy and his family that the 5-year-old boy was able to provide.

The boy told officers that he and his family were from Pine Bluff. He said they left his house in Pine Bluff to come to Conway earlier that day. Officers were able to get the boy to tell them his mother's name, but were unable to get in contact with her because the boy did not know her phone number. An officer tried to call the woman on Facebook Messenger but she did not answer. Instead, he left a voicemail and continued searching for ways to contact the boy's family.

According to the incident report, a 28-year-old woman, identified as the child's mother, approached an officer who was working as security at the Cinemark Towne Centre regarding her missing son.

The officer told the woman her son was at Hogwild and she immediately went to the play center.

According to her statement, she and her family were at Hogwild earlier in the night but that they left after about an hour and a half to go shopping. She said she left Hogwild with her sister, her sister's 3-month-old daughter, and two of her children, noting she thought she had all three of her children with her.

"She stated that after they were all in the car [after leaving Hogwild] she called roll and that when she called [for her missing son] one of the kids in the back said, 'Here,'" the report reads. "She stated that she thought it was [her 5-year-old son] so they left and drove to Citi Trends."

The woman said she was inside Citi Trends for about 15 minutes before realizing her son was missing. According to surveillance footage, she was inside the store for about 30 minutes before she began looking for her son, who was still at Hogwild.

Officers cited the woman with a misdemeanor charge, third-degree endangering the welfare of a minor, and set an April court date in her case.