From Conway Police Department reports

Elderly man attacks hotel manager

An unknown elderly man allegedly attacked a hotel manager Thursday afternoon.

According to an incident report, the manager at the Howard Johnson Hotel noticed a white male who was approximately 6 feet tall and 60 years old peaking into windows in the hotel.

The manager said he confronted the elderly man and told him to leave.

"If you're not a guest at the hotel you will have to leave," the manager said as he confronted the suspect.

Without warning, the elderly suspect immediately turned around and punched the manager in the face before fleeing.

The 52-year-old hotel manager said the suspect's punch knocked his glasses off his face, noting he told one of his employees to call authorities as the man took off running toward the nearby Flash Market gas station.

Paramedics that were called out to the scene advised the hotel manager he would need stitches where the elderly man's punch left a cut under his left eye.

Conway police are investigating this report as a second-degree battery incident.

Apartment ransacked

A man reported his home had been burglarized while he was out of town earlier this week.

According to an incident report, the 27-year-old victim became suspicious when he received a phone call from his landlord Thursday morning, noting his landlord was concerned the victim's front door was "standing wide open."

The man said he'd left his apartment on Stout Street at 11 p.m. March 1 to visit family in Michigan. When his landlord called at 11 a.m. Thursday, he asked his landlord to lock his front door back for him, noting he previously locked it before leaving the state.

The victim said he arrived back home from his vacation around 2:30 p.m. Thursday and immediately noticed his home had been burglarized.

"[The victim] arrived at his residence ... [and] observed an open front window with the screen detached," the incident report reads. "He then went inside, observed that his residence had been ransacked and then called police."

According to his statement, the suspect(s) made off with his TV, laptop, desktop computer, a monitor and two pieces of jewelry.

The responding officer said he did not notice any forced signs of entry from the front window, noting that even after the recent rains, the front window "was still dirty and had a heavy layer of dirt on it's exterior" and had no smudges.

The victim said he was suspicious the person responsible for taking his things broke in through the front door.

"[The victim] stated that the dead bold on the front door did not operate properly and the only way he had of locking the front door was to use the locking door know," the report reads. "[He] stated that even with the doorknob locked, access could still be gained by using a small card to pry the door latch from the latch plate."

The victim said he'd asked around the apartment complex for clues but was unsuccessful.

"[He] checked with neighbors but nobody reported seeing anything out of the ordinary," according to his statement.

The officer, who unsuccessfully attempted to contact the victim's landlord, told the victim to contact him with any additional information and told the victim how he could obtain a copy of the incident report.