The University of Central Arkansas held its fourth annual 24-hour fundraising event to bring in funds for departments across the campus.

This year's UCA Day of Giving ended with a total of $434,526.95. The overall goal for the day was $50,000.

“We knew our alumni and friends would answer the call, but we are amazed at the excitement and awareness this day raised for so many worthwhile efforts UCA supports,” Kale Gober, vice president of University Advancement, said in a news release. “Regardless of size, each Day of Giving gift signified the value they place on UCA and the impact it has had on them.”

The yearly UCA Day of Giving event encourages students, faculty and staff, alumni and other friends of the university to support the UCA community through financial donations.

In 2017, the campus raised $42,504.80, the third consecutive year increase in money raised.

Associate Director of Alumni Relations Maria Kramer said that, in the past, all the funds collected went directly to the school’s emergency scholarship fund but for the first time, this year donors could chose anywhere on campus to give to including the fund, Greek organizations, athletics, alumni association, specific departments and more.

“That [was] what [made] it a little bit unique,” she said.

Kramer said they hoped everyone connected with the university would give solely due to their past experiences at UCA and what the school meant to them but in the end, everyone has an area that impacted them the most.

“We felt that by offering the opportunity to chose your fund, more people would be encouraged to give,” she said.

Regardless, Kramer said, all funds collected would directly impact the students.

“It’s what funds the projects they get to do, conferences they get to go to, equipment in their classrooms and then of course scholarships that are attached to their individual programs as well as the university as a whole,” she said. “In the end, every bit of the money goes back to them.”

Kramer joined representatives of the Student Government Association, including Miss UCA 2018 Megan McAfee who serves as SGA vice president of operations, for a UCA Day of Giving party in front of the student center Thursday to promote the event and encourage student donations.

McAfee said for every $5 donation someone got a T-shirt and a cupcake.

“It [was] just a day to have fun and making giving more fun,” she said.

McAfee said one of her favorite aspects of the UCA community is that it reaches beyond the streets of the campus, it extends to Conway residents and others as well.

“As a student it just makes me feel very loved and important that those who are no longer a direct part of UCA are still giving of their time and funds to make school easier for students,” she said. “It’s so special to know there are people in the community who give back year after year.”