From Conway Police Department reports

Dining and dashing

A TGI Friday's manager called authorities after two men left the restaurant on Wednesday without paying for their meals.

According to the incident report, two males fled the store in a 1999 silver Buick LaSabre without paying for their meal, which totaled $34.77.

The manager told the responding officer that the first male walked out of the restaurant and got into the Buick and that the second suspect quickly ran off after him, noting the two left "in an unknown direction."

The bartender was able to identify one of the individuals who dined and dashed. The second was described as being tall and having a long, skinny face and long hair.

Inappropriate texts

A 22-year-old Conway woman reported receiving inappropriate messages from a Greenbrier man last week.

The woman went to the Conway Police Department on Thursday to file a harassing communications report against a 26-year-old man who had sent her explicit messages.

She told police she began receiving inappropriate messages and photographs from an unknown number Wednesday night. She said the man behind the messages was sending her photos of his exposed penis.

After tracking the number, she learned the suspect was a man she'd previously blocked on Facebook and that the messages were coming from the suspect's mom's work phone.

Bad break-up

Officers responded out to the Westlake Apartments on Thursday after a man called stating his ex-boyfriend slashed one of his tires.

According to the incident report, the 22-year-old victim was at home when his ex-boyfriend showed up at 5 a.m. stating he was in trouble.

The man's ex-boyfriend said he broke into the victim's parents' house before coming over to his apartment and an argument ensued.

"[The victim] stated that they got into an argument and [he told his ex-boyfriend] to leave," the incident report reads. "[The suspect] stated that he was going to kill himself and then grabbed a knife and went outside. [The victim] stated that [his ex-boyfriend] came in not long after that and began to gather his belongings."

The 22-year-old victim told officers he suspected his ex-boyfriend slashed one of his tires when he went outside announcing he planned to kill himself. He was suspicious of his 22-year-old ex-boyfriend because after his ex gathered his things and the victim walked him back outside, the suspect allegedly made a comment about one of the victim's tires being flat.

As the victim inspected the tire closely, he said he noticed the sidewall of the tire "was severely damaged and looked as though it had been sliced."

The victim provided officers with photos of the damage. In the incident report, officers noted it did look as if the victim's tire was slashed.

Former employee gets fired up

A BrightStar Care director reported feeling threatened by a former employee on Thursday.

According to an incident report, the 42-year-old woman was worried an employee might try to attack her after getting fired.

The woman said she fired the 25-year-old employee on Wednesday, but that the employee "did not leave on good terms."

"She stated that today she was notified that [the former employee] was threatening to beat her up on Facebook," the incident report reads. "[The victim] stated that there were several posts about this."

The BrightStar Care director said Thursday that she wanted to have a harassment report on file "in case things escalated."